The Enigma TNG - Kathedral

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 16, 2015
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  • FrankenSteinsGate

     2 years ago

    This song has the wubbiest wubs I've ever heard.

  • Ernesto Ocanas

     17 days ago

    It bangs tho

  • The Blue Salamander

     1 months ago

    gwib yu mweat a widdle wub 0w0

  • Cyril

     5 months ago

    Là Il vas y avoir une vague d'abonnés de Deo Toons 😂


     2 months ago

    Oui XDDD

  • Saigneur AgoniuM

     2 months ago

    Ah bon ? Il l'a utilisé quelque part, j'ai même pas calculé, j'aimais Enigma TNG bien avant de regarder les vidéos de Deo Toons :)Si vous aimez les musiques qui 'pètent leur races' J'pense que "Titans in Desolation" est faite pour vous !!

  • Project Omega

     2 years ago

    Pew Pew Pew wub wub wub wub wub wub Pew Pew Pew wub wuwuwub....

  • Shinigami Numayer

     6 days ago


  • tyai tencho

     10 months ago


  • pauljackowacko552

     3 years ago

    I hear wub wub wub definitely dubstep.

  • The Blue Salamander

     1 months ago

    @JOHN GR bruhh

  • Sound Addiktion

     1 months ago

    @The Royal Plutonian If a whiteman had black written on his forehead, would that make him black?

  • Duncan Gilbert

     2 years ago

    a dubstep song with literal wubs, thats a first.


     2 months ago

    *MidTempo song

  • Moonlight Eclipse

     1 years ago

    Going to church has never been so intense

  • Doggo Corgi

     17 days ago

    Even more intense at 1.25

  • Zhakari Huffman

     21 days ago


  • Brettbren

     3 years ago

    This song is pure *EVIL* in a way that I like.

  • tijuana mooney

     9 months ago

    this is the kind of music you should hear in a movie where everybodys guts r spilling on the floor in slowmotion in a freakish scary movie ha ha i love it

  • Viktor Nicula

     1 years ago

    Brettbren especially the wubs🙂

  • [Jac̡҉k̕_ W҉̛̕o͞od̀́͞s̢͞]

     3 years ago

    Darkness never dies.... Darkness is part of this world...... And if it wish to..... It can get rid of you.........You wanna go there?and fight the darkness in its physical form?You'll have to enter to it's lair and just in case you survive to get there, it's going to kill you...What?Why do i talk about it like it was a someone? *Because it is...*They call it with a lot of names... ShadowMan Death Angel DarkOne But he responds to the name of..... *D A R K...

  • Harun Demir

     1 months ago

    8th grade sendrome? :C

  • ruby hardy

     2 months ago

    Why did it take me 5 days to realize that this a bnha reference?

  • Brutal Exodus

     3 years ago

    How did I find this part of youtube. I love it. I must stay.

  • leanerd skywire

     3 months ago

    Welcome brothers/sisters.

  • Look at those memes!

     1 years ago

    Leaving was never an option, you are one of us now

  • Ekraelum

     3 years ago

    I love gothic music.I like dubstep.This is HEAVEN for me.

  • KARINKASHI Sündenjäger

     1 months ago

    U mean wubstep

  • Gladys E. Aranda Giron

     5 months ago

    Me too.