Guy Posts This Picture Of His New Dog And People Immediately Call The Police On Him

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 27, 2018
  • The selfie is basically the visual epitome of harmless fun. Capturing an adorable selfie with your pet is even better, and it’s something that all your friends and family love to see. So why not start snapping away when the opportunity presents itself?

    What would you do, however, if you you snapped an adorable picture with your four-legged friend only to have it land you in hot water with the law? Well, that’s exactly what happened to one Michigan man named Dan Tillery.

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  • Darcy Farrow

    Darcy Farrow

     14 days ago

    Another pit bull situation? Can't believe it

  • Phanida Saengsrichan

    Phanida Saengsrichan

     21 days ago

    Animal never dangers more than human because human are dangerous in this world such stupid laws

  • J ZIM

    J ZIM

     3 months ago

    Looks like a Staffordshire Terrier

  • Jared Wiggins

    Jared Wiggins

     3 months ago

    This'll no doubt tick off pit bull haters even more!

  • Mark Fryman

    Mark Fryman

     3 months ago

    Nicely done Diggy!!

  • Dan Yarwood

    Dan Yarwood

     4 months ago

    Good job Dan! And cheers to you Biggie! I used to breed pit bulls and my mother has one of my dogs granddaughters. She lives somewhere with that stupid pit bull ban so we had the vet register her as an American bulldog, but it shouldn’t even matter, pitties are the best, plain and simple!

  • Amy Arlotta

    Amy Arlotta

     4 months ago +1

    WOW!!!! I am Sooo Glad and Grateful for this Happy Ending!!!!! Way to go, Dan and Iggy!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!🐶🐾💖

  • Samantha


     4 months ago +1

    They where just bored people looking to start some bullshit.

  • Maria Victoria Lopez - Vindas

    Maria Victoria Lopez - Vindas

     5 months ago

    Miami Florida has the same ban. All because of greed for dogfighting and bad breeding.

  • theironmaiden1


     6 months ago

    PSHH! BELIEVE these F’in people? What’s next? Gonna ban black cats?...That is JUST as ridiculous! A LIFE is a LIFE! There’s good and terrible PEOPLE... we STILL let the terrible ones stay!...In fact, we USUALLY end up paying for them while we watch them get new cars and nicer residences that WE can’t even get approved for😳 (because we/I WORK and don’t fall into the “income guidelines” of the NICER apartments and places😡...and goes same to every living creature! Some Pitbulls, maybe black cats, disabled animals and ones that aren’t “beautiful and perfect” ...all the “underdogs”....will be the sweetest, most loyal, honorable animals you would ever see...and may even save an owners life...Some pure bred, show dogs will be the NASTIEST, jerky pets to own EVER who wouldn’t piss on their owner if they were on fire! You just can’t categorize like that😡 People are SO stupid!😡 You wanna BAN something...just ban PEOPLE!😡 I’ll take one for the team because....our team SUCKS! Let the animals run the deal. Could they REALLY do much worse?

  • Silvia Voss

    Silvia Voss

     6 months ago

    sometimes police need to let go of situations, Diggy is an American Bulldog and thanks to Dan was adopted out of a shelter , this breed discrimination of pitties and dogs that look like them is insanely cumbersome since its not about the breed all dogs are individuals and so called authorities need to wake up, clearly Dans dog is a real sweet heart!

  • trid2bnrml


     6 months ago

    I would've moved and sold my house before allowing those people to tell me what I could and couldn't have in it.

  • Carol Miles

    Carol Miles

     9 months ago +1

    Why are their so many tortured pit bulls in detroit , why dont the police go after the dog fighters and the people who hurt them . Why pick on this poor man

  • Jason Howell

    Jason Howell

     9 months ago

    The police was called because this man took a selfie with his dog. The police was called because this man took a selfie with his dog. The police was called because this man took a selfie with his dog. Repeat.....

  • R. Pawlak

    R. Pawlak

     9 months ago

    Hurrah for Dan and Hurrah for Diggy and Victory for all Pitt-bulls everywhere! It's the owners not the breed. I have a Rottweiler and if you see Dogumentary youtube channel on Rottweilers, you would think they are all aggressive. My Rotty is in no way like those Rottys on that channel. They are taught to attack on Dogumentary channel. Dogumentary channel IMHO is a secret mouthpiece on how to train dogs for dogfighting. Dogfighting is a crime against dogs. Listen to it and see what you think.

  • Nova Star

    Nova Star

     10 months ago +1

    What in the world is wrong with police these days they are acting like all the power of the law is in there head and can make up new laws on the spot

  • Gloria Jackson

    Gloria Jackson

     10 months ago

    Yeaaaa for Diggy...I love the outcome of this story...and the ban being lifted on the other breeds as well. 🐕🐶🐈🐕🐆🐅🐾 enjoy your pet. ❤

  • Tony Hodge

    Tony Hodge

     10 months ago +1

    U people really do care for dogs more than u care for the poor. Amazing.

  • Marx nebula

    Marx nebula

     10 months ago

    I love this

  • Barbara Ann Brugman-van Romondt

    Barbara Ann Brugman-van Romondt

     10 months ago

    they should ban the abusers who make these pitbulls fight...these are the "animals" that need banning...not the dogs themselves.....