Irish People Try The Death Nut Challenge (13 Million Scoville!)

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 24, 2019
  • Irish people try 13 MILLION SCOVILLE peanuts?! Did they survive? MERCH MADNESS: Subscribe: | Instagram: American Things: https://TRY.Media/AmericanMore Information:The Death Nut Challenge - an agonizing gauntlet of spicy Carolina Reaper peanuts getting intensely hotter with each one until the final one; The Death Nut, reaching up to 13 million scoville made with pure capsaicin crystals! We devilishly doled these out to our Irish people for them to try. But how did they do? Let's find out...The Tryers featured in this video:Ciara O'Doherty: http://TRY.Media/CiaraÉadaoin: http://TRY.Media/EadaoinMartin Angolo: http://TRY.Media/MartinSeamus Stackpoole: http://TRY.Media/SeamusDr. Sarina: http://TRY.Media/SarinaLolsy Byrne: http://TRY.Media/LolsyFollow The TRY Channel:Twitter: http://TRY.Media/TwitterFacebook: http://TRY.Media/FacebookInstagram: http://TRY.Media/InstagramSubreddit: more from The TRY Channel:Latest Uploads: https://TRY.Media/LatestUploadsPopular Uploads Playlist: https://TRY.Media/PopularUploadsTrying Alcohol Videos: https://TRY.Media/AlcoholTrying American Things: https://TRY.Media/American_____________________________________If you'd like to send us stuff to TRY, our postal address for packages under $60*:The TRY ChannelPM3530292Unit C1, North City Business ParkNorth Road, Dublin 11D11 RW30Ireland(*If you're sending food/drink to use in a video, please send 4 variants with enough to share between six people.)Credits :Content produced by The TRY Channel.Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound.TRY is your new home on YouTube. A place where people try things for the first time. Similar to popular YouTube channels such as BuzzFeed, WatchCut, GMM & TheFineBros' React, our goal is to create content to entertain you and to bring a positive light to the start or end of your day.
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  • The TRY Channel

     24 days ago

    Liquids or not, this challenge is the SPICIEST video we done yet! So, major props to our lovely Irish people having conquered our biggest spiciest challenge so far. That last Death Nut was no joke! If you don't believe us, try it at your own risk! 😱

  • aaron flament

     9 hours ago

    The TRY Channel sweet

  • Anonymous Anonymous

     8 days ago

    pure crystals of capsaicin aren't 13,000,000 scoville they're actually 16,000,000

  • Uncle Billy

     24 days ago

    Next week Ciara trains the CIA how to deal with pain.

  • Lonnie Laster

     6 days ago

    Y'all should try the paqui(or whatever the spelling is) challenge...

  • PanicByNumbers

     10 days ago

    I hypothesize that she's not invincible, she just has a really good poker face.

  • Lefty Conspirator

     21 days ago

    So, Ciara is the culmination of the Irish super soldier program, right? She is Captain Ireland? Right?

  • Sammi J

     3 days ago

    I totally support this

  • Jim Carroll

     13 days ago

    In America we have the stereotype of the "strong mountain woman", from the Appalachian mountains. What people forget is that the Appalachians were settled by the Scotch-Irish. I'll wager dollars to donuts that Ciara's got some long-lost cousins in Kentucky and Tennessee."Just remember: if Mama ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy!"

  • MyNameIsBucket

     17 days ago

    Ciara giving birth to quadruplets: "Oh dearie me, this is rather uncomfortable"

  • Nic Hudson

     11 days ago that all ya got?

  • billybob lillybob

     13 days ago

    ...or "oh...that's really nice..."

  • Cara Shelton

     19 days ago

    I just need Ciara to talk me through my life.

  • Adam Vesely

     6 days ago

    @Cara Shelton Girl, i was just sayin'...".....Cara....." That's all...

  • Cara Shelton

     6 days ago

    Adam Vesely yes?

  • Sammy Rodriguez

     22 days ago

    "I'm in a lot of pain, but im fine." Relatable.

  • J. Shouryu Nohe

     24 days ago

    5:20 - Ciara officially becomes the Keanu Reeves of the TRY Channel.

  • Angela Harvey

     23 days ago

    J. Shouryu Nohe 👍🏾

  • Bear78420

     23 days ago

    She always has been ☺️ She’s a baaaaaaaaad MF’er 😁

  • stryph42

     23 days ago

    "Why are you okay?" "I am in incredible pain."Ciara is just the fuckin' best, am I right?

  • we Edwards

     11 days ago

    @D V God damn don't be such a weak, ass bitch. She clearly chews the last one. and the shit is intense.

  • aaron comeaux

     12 days ago

    @Juan 'Jampy Blackrose' Sotomayor jesus loves bums

  • Jim Crowley

     21 days ago

    Ciara's whole Zen approach, with that barest sheen of sweat on her face....😍

  • RCaIabraro

     19 days ago

    She drinks 190 proof booze like it ain't no thang

  • Nic Hudson

     18 days ago

    "Isn't Carolina Reaper like the hot one anyway?" "Yeah" "So why is that number one?" "Coz their.....Arseholes" LMAO The Irish accent is hot, the swearing is hilarious!!!

  • obsidianorchids

     12 days ago

    @DanTheMan1985ful Stop yelling. . .

  • DanTheMan1985ful

     16 days ago