Hellboy - Red Band Trailer (My Thoughts)

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 1, 2019
  • Hellboy gets a reboot, and we get a new trailer for it. Here are my thoughts on the new trailer for HELLBOY!

    Watch the trailer here: https://www.faceclips.net/video/ZsBO4b3tyZg/video.html

  • Source: https://youtu.be/PTx6d1Qt_xc


  • Roei Potash AKA Poihpio

    Roei Potash AKA Poihpio

     4 months ago

    Marco Polo, get your big red ass in here!

  • Damien Spectre

    Damien Spectre

     5 months ago

    JEREMY JAHNS! Where the HELL is (sheesh) HELLBOY review? PS : I'm wondering if this is DOGShite?

  • Stone Bowser2904

    Stone Bowser2904

     5 months ago

    It’s really bad

  • Dillon 48

    Dillon 48

     5 months ago

    What Hugh Jackman is to Wolverine...Ron Perlman is to Hellboy.

  • JustinoGaming


     5 months ago

    Just saw it. I think its very good

  • Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!

    Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!

     5 months ago

    The villain is Nimue (Nimm-way). An evil sorceress from Arthurian legend.

  • LDS Entertainment

    LDS Entertainment

     5 months ago

    Why does everyone nowdays feel they need to talk a mile a minute to be entertaining? This is ridiculous!

  • Comix Hub

    Comix Hub

     5 months ago

    I think that ron pearlman is the better hellboy in terms of how he looks (more comic accurate and just looks nicer) but the 2019 hellboy might be overall the better movie

  • David Lopez

    David Lopez

     5 months ago

    Don't watch Preacher 👹

  • Yanis Kaps

    Yanis Kaps

     5 months ago

    Much better than the first trailer

  • fritogranito


     5 months ago

    I'll give David Harbour a shot. But the trailer couple of comic attempts just miss (except the last line). It doesn't look quite right either. I am willing to go in with an open mind though.

  • Battle Born

    Battle Born

     5 months ago

    You should review the first 2 hellboy movies, with the new one coming out

  • Cornelius Farrell

    Cornelius Farrell

     5 months ago

    The Blood Queen

  • Mel Artugue

    Mel Artugue

     5 months ago

    I fistbump after every jeremyjahns review closing spiel!

  • cmajor3233


     6 months ago

    Do a bright burn trailer review

  • Legion Of SnowBros

    Legion Of SnowBros

     6 months ago

    It was too much... the fkn assholes who are making these dog-cunt trailers aught to take a leaf from ENDGAME and leave something for the fucking movie!!! That new Turner & Hobbs F&F trailer showed EVERY FUCKIN SCENE... why would I pay to see it when u have spoiled the plot and 20 of the biggest jokes??????

  • Dave Antics

    Dave Antics

     6 months ago

    The fuck is death metal rock?

  • Logan Willett

    Logan Willett

     6 months ago

    So well said i love this channel

  • All About Smashing

    All About Smashing

     6 months ago

    Metal Gear Rising is so freaking good though

  • JoeysSecretLover


     6 months ago

    What Jeremy said about MGS I said about Batman Behind.