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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 30, 2017
  • KIDS WHO GOT SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL FOR STUPID REASONS! Let me know if you've been suspended or kicked out/expelled from school! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Last "Kids Who Got Expelled" Video Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack!
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  • SSSniperWolf

     1 years ago

    what school trouble you guys been in? suspended? EXPELLED?

  • sophia Samolinski



  • CT Hutchison


    SSSniperWolf k

  • Markimoo12345

     1 years ago

    Who else hasn't been expelled yet🙄Edit: thx for the likes guys😊

  • Ella Dupree

     2 days ago

    I have never been expelled

  • karen Baillie

     3 days ago

    @YasuOwned What did you do??

  • Itz Ice

     5 months ago

    Teacher- Wait a sec is that a piece of hair curled Student- uhh yeahTeacher- *gasps* SUSPENDED

  • sophia Samolinski


    Dang that teacher is stupid

  • Kitty Kat

     2 days ago

    Wait but...what if it’s natural?

  • Catloven Games

     5 months ago

    One chick at my school got suspended for having a child.

  • just a human not a alein

     5 hours ago


  • Serena Kendall

     3 days ago

    School is dumb

  • HappyApocalypse

     5 months ago

    I’ve never been suspended, expelled or even got a detention😎

  • Trinity HAMILTON

     6 hours ago


  • Sadness Depression

     2 days ago

    I've been suspended 4 times..

  • Sqfdj 1234

     6 months ago

    I got suspend from school just for saying Oof in a really strict teachers class

  • Grace Tiedemann

     28 days ago


  • Midnight Flower Daisy

     5 months ago

    Lol same , oof became apart of my life anyways

  • TrinityTheMLG Of Minecraft

     5 months ago

    Dude WHO CARES IF U DYE UR HAIR ITS YOURS. I dyed my hair dark purple and I nvr got suspended from school and I'm in 6th grade living in indiana and it's PERMANENT. Bruh coolaid isn't like anything

  • Lara Middleton

     5 days ago

    I colored mine with marker

  • Brianna Manda

     8 days ago

    I live in Indiana and I'm about to be in 6th grade

  • Ada Jambazian

     1 months ago

    Kid burps in PE class. Kid disappears from school for a year.WHAT?! He BURPED!

  • Zach HD

     6 months ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Brittany Montanez

     2 months ago


  • Sara wolfgamer45

     4 months ago


  • Dr Fresh

     5 months ago

    ive been in niether but by the way sssniperwolf u r so beautiful and i love u u are always making my day. like if u agreeim just going to like my own comment cause no one will

  • Kitty Bell

     1 months ago

    @Kaia i subed to ur channel because THANK U TwT can I sub to mine I'm not just asking for subs what girl is that????

  • Kitty Bell

     1 months ago

    @_its_your_girl_DarkStar_!_ _ try me b*tch she right u look like poo.. and u look 6 or 7 yrs old try me if u wanna fight I'm in 4th grade and I'll beat u up like a a fortnite character!!! Werewolf so u hella hairy??? Now I get it u don't exist don't report me or else ^v^ $v$ OwO Plus I'm trying to make every one happy but u crash my dayT^T