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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 8, 2019
  • The Playstation 5 has been given a name and release date, PlayStation 5’s new controller will use haptic technology and incorporate adaptive triggers!

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  • Maul xx

    Maul xx


    What would I like for PS5?
    #1 - Bigger, better controller battery with better triggers. Would welcome a total controller redesign honestly.
    #2 - I'm with you on Full PS4 BC. No partial BC list checking nonsense.
    #3 - More immersive audio which we may be getting with "3D Audio."
    #4 - A quieter unit

  • _iconformed_


     4 days ago

    I want more developers to aim at 60 fps, graphics are beastly nowadays, even more so with the new powerful consoles, so perhaps they could manage their resources even better now.

    More convincing and smoother in game animations, there wasn't really too much of a leap with that from PS3/X360 to this gen.

    Innovative gameplay ideas, Like how MGS blew my mind back in the day because it was so different to everything else. The new controller idea with it effecting how the game plays and feels sounds very interesting to me.

    Minimal load times, the SSD sounds nice, RDR2 for example takes ages on startup.

    Backwards compatibility, especially with PS4 titles as that will probably be easier to for the console to emulate compared to the old systems like PS1, 2 and 3 (they will mostly likely still be in the PS now subscription anyway)

    As a bonus I would love it if developers of PS4 games (PS exclusive titles) could patch their games to run at 60 - 120 fps on PS5 as we know it supports 120 Hz. Couldn't get into HZD as it gave me headaches because of how jittery it looked.

  • Karakta


     14 days ago

    I'm not sure anymore what I'd really want from the PS5, or any new hardware for that matter. I've realized recently how much of a retro gamer I'm becoming. 2019's best gaming experiences for me have been... Well Shenmue 1+2, Resident Evil 4, The Zero Escape trilogy and the Sega Mega Drive compilation. Sure, DMC V, MK XI and RE2 remake were nice and all but... I don't know, I feel like video games used to be all about simple pleasures, and nowadays things are becoming more and more complicated. I don't want to feel like I'm touching leaves : if I wanted to I'd just go out and touch some, or grow a plant in my garden. While I do not believe that video games should go back to be all about pushing the right buttons at the right time (that's fundamentally what it used to be), I crave for more simple experiences... And retrogaming seems to be the only way to get that nowadays, with a few gold nuggets like Shovel Knight and other neo retrogames.

  • Tamiil


     21 days ago

    VR doesn't mean the end of flat screen games, it's just another way of gaming. Just like 3D games didn't kill 2D games, both are more alive than ever. No need to fear change, especially once you've tried it and realize just how awesome it is.

    But yeah, that haptic technology will benefit VR games the most. They were even talking about specific examples that one of their studios is experimenting with. And guess what the studio was. It was SIE Japan Studio, the team who's last game was Astrobot, arguably one of the best VR games ever made. So there's a good chance they're working on a sequel.

    Whatever ends up happening, bring on next gen. I'm so ready.

  • Sher


     28 days ago +1

    Backwards compatibility with my PS 1, 2, 3 and 4 games. I want to play Rival Schools on my ps5!!

  • El Comanche

    El Comanche

     28 days ago +1

    For the ps5, I want to see backwards comparability! With ps1-4. If they have to skip 3, fine. But I need that.

  • Vivid Trance

    Vivid Trance

     1 months ago

    No thanks, I refuse to support Sonys censorship in the west.



     1 months ago

    (Rumble) You would notice it not being there if it was gone. Especially if the rubble was the sort that is in the Xbox One controller. When the batter gets low, it shuts this off to save power, and playing FH4 there is a HUGE difference in how that game (literally) feels when it get's turned off.

  • Daniel Wirtz

    Daniel Wirtz

     1 months ago +1

    I want better wifi connection so it stops bottle necking internet speed so damn bad

  • GoGoKoopzilla


     1 months ago

    I hope they will finally move the analog to where the d-pad is. Seeing as how I have been waiting for them to do this for 20 years, I don't see it happening.

  • Johnny Shades

    Johnny Shades

     1 months ago

    If they want to deepen my immersion, put some decent cooling in the console so it doesn't sound like a jet plane taking off in my bedroom!

  • Maury J.

    Maury J.

     1 months ago +1

    I love the route Sony is taking with the PS5, the no loading, the haptic controllers and the CPU is really exciting for me, but I want Sony to also put out a PSVR/Portable Hybrid headset that has a detachable OLED screen that you can take on the Go, giving us the Ultimate VR hybrid device, I'll gladly pay $499 for such technology

  • Rey Rico

    Rey Rico

     1 months ago

    I don't want anything. Why have a ps5 when 4 is still going really strong

  • Super Luke RPG

    Super Luke RPG

     1 months ago +1

    Stating saving guys. Need to set aside at lease 2K for a PS5/PS5 pro, the glove, new VR set, new controllers, lanuch titles, brand new TV, etc.

  • World of Mouse Guard

    World of Mouse Guard

     1 months ago

    Souls series please come back😭😭😭

  • TheWiddaC


     1 months ago

    Backwards compatibility with ps4 games will be a big thing for me. I'd like it to be backwards compatible with all playstation generations but I wouldn't too bothered as long as it has ps4 really.

  • Michael Guerra

    Michael Guerra

     1 months ago

    It was also rumored ps5 would be backwards compatible with every previous PlayStation but while that remains to be seen we’ll at the very least get it with the PS4 stuff.. I never had a VR or 3D system so that’s what intrigues me the most.. It’s just not possible to stay in 2d forever.. In that respect those old fashioned dudes gotta realize this!

    One thing I’m disappointed in is Sony’s seeming loss of interest in portable gaming unlike Nintendo.. It’s kind of ironic because you can’t ask for better handhelds than PSP or PSV.. I sincerely hope they are working on some kind of gadget where you can play ps4/ps5 remotely that’s not just a cheap phone add on..

  • Black Rose Duelist

    Black Rose Duelist

     1 months ago

    I still dont know what the next xbox will be called :_( we've only had one core dynasty warriors this generation an it was horrible

  • Kingsley Jackson

    Kingsley Jackson

     1 months ago


  • Segasonic91


     1 months ago

    I would like SONY Japan to live again. The Japanese side has essentially been dead since the end of the PSP. They wasted so many fantastic games on a portable device which screwed up anything happening with the PS3/4. Look at the Vita, there were a few "big" releases, but once the US murdered and buried the system, the final nail was placed in the coffin.

    There are so many amazing games from the PS1 and 2 days left languishing because SONY Japan barely exists now. Damn shame they did not buy those studios they worked with in those days. Especially LEVEL 5. They were one of the last talented bunch of devs left in Japan but they have been wasted on nincrapto kiddy crap ever since leaving SONY. Ni no Kuni was the only good thing from them in the last ten years.

    Bring back some of those old RPGs, SONY! Show those morons at square-enix how to make an ACTUAL RPG!! Nihon Falcom is the last remaining studio that knows how to make RPGs and Action RPGs. Shame they started going more for the "anime otaku" crowd in Japan with the Sen no Kiseki series and Tokyo Xanadu. I wish Sen stayed with the Sora and Ao/Zero engine. Going full 3D took the graphics quality down so much. The PS4 Sen 1/2 "remaster" looks like a PS2 upscale. Probably because it was a Vita game that was ported to the PS3. Ys IX is a big improvement though, LOVING that game! Ys VIII was one of my favourite games of 2016 and the same will be said of IX for 2019. I hope we get an Ys V remake next. They broke the flow of new game followed by remake that started with Ys VI.