Author says Hillary Clinton is 'two different people'

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 27, 2016
  • Former Secret Service officer reveals on 'Hannity' that the presidential candidate is an angry person who habitually lies
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  • Spoony Poon

    Spoony Poon

     seconds ago


  • Ole Tom

    Ole Tom

     an hour ago

    Allergic to airborne ceramics

  • T M

    T M

     4 hours ago

    Just 2? Hillary has at least 20 different alter-egos: out does Sybil’s 16 different personalities.

  • Joseph


     4 hours ago

    Is this dude still alive?

  • B Z

    B Z

     6 hours ago

    Is the interviewer still on life?

  • Maria Dacosta

    Maria Dacosta

     8 hours ago

    She is demonish and Bill seems absent-minded in the more recent situations. She has warned out her husband during their life together. Poor Bill.

  • mike Manassas

    mike Manassas

     14 hours ago

    This guy will go missing soon...
    Or he will be swimming with the fishes.... This guy's got some brass..

  • ITS Computers LLC

    ITS Computers LLC

     19 hours ago

    of course. its called demonic possession.

  • Blue Wolf

    Blue Wolf

     20 hours ago

    Her fake smile and evil eyes, with hatred in her blood and, soul.

  • Blue Wolf

    Blue Wolf

     20 hours ago

    That Evil trash needs a padded room.

  • Damian Chisley

    Damian Chisley

     20 hours ago

    She a demonic snake 🐍



     20 hours ago

    You must give Bill a pass for his extramarital activities after seeing what kind of witch he married. The Lolita Express looks better and better. Just about anything he does is OK under the circumstances. She is demonic to the max.

  • Crystal Clarke

    Crystal Clarke

     23 hours ago

    His involved in the Epstein case makes me wonder I don't trust either of these people.

  • H C

    H C


    If she habitually lies, then Hillary and Bill r right for each other! They r two 'peas in a pod'!

  • Kelly Roberson

    Kelly Roberson


    The woman walking with him is too
    Skinny to be Hillary.

  • Nicole Johnson

    Nicole Johnson



  • Nena Radicevic

    Nena Radicevic


    I can't understand that greed her personality ,behavior Pure evil shame for other smart women

  • Janice Billington

    Janice Billington


    I'm a Brit so I beg my American cousins' pardon if I seem a trifle bemused by this downer on Hilary. On this side of the pond she comes across as a caring, passionate human being who wants to make the world a better place. Whatever is wrong with that? Is there a degree of mysoginism going on here? Still can't work it out. You prefer Trump? OK, so we've got Boris but we don't have a doppelganger Hilary. I wish to god we did.

  • Andrea



    the antichrist

  • Brian Malotof

    Brian Malotof


    Thank God we didnt end up with IT!