Things They DON'T TELL YOU About Your 20s!!! MONEY, Dating, Careers | Jackie Aina

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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    Hey boos! Today I'm doing a VERYYY chatty video where I vent and talk about some of the things I experienced and learned about being in my 20s. I'm 31 now, and if I had to do my 20s all over again I'd RUN! Hopefully someone out there can learn from my lessons! Enjoy xo

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  • Jackie Aina

    Jackie Aina

     6 months ago +8098

    I'm not doing a divorce "storytime" lmao not everything is meant for youtube...

  • Lizzie


     10 hours ago +2

    I’m 20. This is something I needed to hear.. especially about the staying single part.. guys are always frightening us younger ladies to settle down when we are young because they “won’t want us when we’re old”. It’s just gaslighting and manipulation at its finest. I just want to work on me, my goals, and reach maximum peace of mind before I consider letting someone take up space in my mind again.

  • constance ezeanyagu

    constance ezeanyagu


    So started 2020 with the mentality i was turning 20 this year and let me tell you it has been an entire anxiety roller coaster.I feel like so much is going to change and alot more is expected from me.Well being and living in Nigeria contributes to that. I am just not excited about it also in med school and so confused

  • Grace C

    Grace C


    7:48 Everything you said about the cooperate word I was nodding and 💯 agreeing about being emotional, that one person trying you etc Then you said you’re a Leo!! Girl me too

  • The Speight Life

    The Speight Life

     3 days ago

    See thats why i made my channel, strictly to make sure ppl get the 20s right.

  • rivka whiteley

    rivka whiteley

     3 days ago

    I'm 16 and thinking about my 20s and 30s I soooooo scary 😶

  • Brela Carter

    Brela Carter

     4 days ago

    Love this ❤️

  • Kundai Nicole Manyara

    Kundai Nicole Manyara

     7 days ago

    I am a Leo too!!!!!!! And once you said that I was like YES finally someone who understands how I feel 😭😭❤️

  • Funmi T.

    Funmi T.

     7 days ago

    Still in my twenties and this was sooo helpful 👏🏾

  • Aurielle G.

    Aurielle G.

     7 days ago +1

    Ok Eloho! Thats my girl!

  • Brooklyn Raquel

    Brooklyn Raquel

     7 days ago

    Thank you Auntie Jackie 😘

  • Jhevon Albritton

    Jhevon Albritton

     7 days ago

    Great advice

  • The Life of Phi

    The Life of Phi

     7 days ago

    I'm so late but MIXED FEELINGS IS A NO FROM 2020 ONWARD



     7 days ago

    U are gorgeous

  • Kylala Heart

    Kylala Heart

     7 days ago

    I’m currently 14 and turning 15 this year. My father told me to start saving money and not use it for the next four years,so when I grow up I know how to save money and stuff. And I wanna ask what is the appropriate age to live alone in your guys opinion?

  • Emani Pettiford

    Emani Pettiford

     7 days ago

    Yeah I’ve noticed that I get misunderstood a lot and I just so happen to be a Leo as well. I’m 22 yo. and I made peace that I won’t get along with everybody cuz I like people but I don’t like people lol

  • Akweley Abalo

    Akweley Abalo

     7 days ago

    I love you 😩❤️

  • noam namir

    noam namir

     14 days ago

    i need more advice videos from you!!! <3

  • Pretty Brown

    Pretty Brown

     14 days ago +1

    I’m 21 and I feel like I need to have my whole life figured out. Second semester of junior year in college and I feel like I should already have a man and my whole career figured out PLUS living in a hoe society and generation doesn’t make it any better😥 Everything seems pressuring and college has been the most confusing time of my life but strengthening my relationship and connection with God and manifestation has changed me so much.

  • Yeily Izquierdo

    Yeily Izquierdo

     14 days ago

    I freaking love you. I just started watching you. I love how happy and genuinely you’re. Thank you for being real❤️