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  • Published on:  Monday, February 12, 2018
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  • Adam Nicholson

    Adam Nicholson

     2 hours ago

    I thought number 1 then went with 2 because I thought number 1 was far too obvious hahaha 🤣

  • good friends rock!

    good friends rock!

     3 hours ago

    woo hoo.... I got it. picked it because some would think it a bit of a trick question as the one on the left could be too obvious so many may go to the not so obvious..... I thought that this could be what they did, so I went with the one on the left.

  • Pro Meliora

    Pro Meliora

     5 hours ago

    Quickly chose 1: She's emotionally engaged, while 2 is reserved and presenting a professional front. For the accident: Got it all but the spring and license plate, but also the red car hit the white car while turning onto the road. It was the red car's driver's fault (man on the ground). His head isn't injured. He's reliving the mistake that led to the accident and processing its consequences. See, the other driver is guarded (crossed arms), and the woman on the phone would be assisting were the man on the ground injured (she's taking ownership of the situation; she's making the phone call). Also, the minor is by her, likely because the man on the ground doesn't handle stressful situations well. This is all also reflected in the specific positions and damage to the vehicles. But neither of these tests demonstrate fitfulness to serve as an FBI field agent, as that depends upon your life's record, personality traits, fitness, record-keeping habits, and capacity to follow policies and procedures to the letter.

  • charles ryanlee

    charles ryanlee

     8 hours ago

    My first instinct was the brunette because of her facial expression. Also the woman with the white hair seems to be too old to have a child of that age biologically.

  • Weasl


     9 hours ago

    It dosent matter is the women’s back is forward, the women has brown hair and same skin tone as the child

  • Marshalrafa


     13 hours ago

    Fake as hell... Mammals always keep their back tho whom their not threatened and face danger.... Just the first one made me just laugh at this shitty.... Also change the freaking 90's trash music.

  • papaspaulding


     17 hours ago

    If this this was really a special agent test then they have set that 'special agent' bar damn low lol

  • Dawn Chance

    Dawn Chance


    I choice the woman on the left because she looked angry at the other woman. The other woman looked like she didn't have a care in the world.

  • Stephen Fermoyle

    Stephen Fermoyle



  • Dylan Thomas Dawson

    Dylan Thomas Dawson


    I literally got the mother correct because I thought her legs looked like they we ready to spring into action if needed. Also I've heard this thing that toddlers don't like to face their back to their parents in abnormal situations...however I figured that would probably not be something they included.

    EDIT: I paused after the answer and they literally explained it lmao.

  • myfistsbleed


     yesterday +1

    The child wouldn’t turn their fucking back to a stranger and sit closer to them. They would be weary of them. They are going to be closer to their mother. The lady on the left has her legs tucked up under the chair, she isn’t ready to get up if the child needs her. Who made this test?

  • Unknown


     2 days ago

    Yes, BUT!! The woman on the right's face suggests she is calm, as though a normal activity were taking place.--her child is calmly playing with toys. But the woman on the left has eyebrows clearly indicating she might be a little angry. The cartoonist has either purposefully or by accident produced a red herring. How are we supposed to interpret that the woman's left leg is "open towards the child" when it hasn't been drawn? The only way it can NOT be visible to the viewer is if it were next to the right leg.

  • Kent Kash

    Kent Kash

     2 days ago

    That music was awfull 🤮



     2 days ago

    I only have 1 mistake which is I forgot the plate number.

  • pbnaj


     2 days ago

    Yeah, this is bullshit. No way this has anything to do with being a Specila agent.

  • not sure

    not sure

     3 days ago

    Smh... this explains so much about what's wrong with the FBI...
    They think animations can breed ffs...

  • Autumnrainfall99


     3 days ago

    Lol I noticed all the things it mentioned for the first one but interpreted them the opposite

  • brian macC

    brian macC

     3 days ago

    None , two babysitters real mum gone dwn the pub

  • Trumpenstein


     4 days ago

    How many fingers am I holding up? ......just the middle one.

  • Rick Shaw

    Rick Shaw

     4 days ago

    10 minutes of training would allow you to pass this test. Please don't think you are an instant FBI agent...