Gordon IN SHOCK Over Disgusting Food Practise | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 30, 2018
  • Source: https://youtu.be/Ppod--NK5pM


  • For the Win

     1 years ago

    How can you complain about getting too much food as a customer. Your getting a bang for your buck. As the owner I see that as a problem. But as a customer I would t complain at all.

  • Bla Blu

     2 days ago

    No way dude, u never go high star standard fine dining restaurant, dont u? Dont ever make costumer uncomfortable to eat it up, maybe they could waste it but some dont and try to clean your plate, thats where u torture them

  • Ty Ty

     19 days ago

    I don’t think I heard anything about customers complaining, the restaurant was having issues with portion control.

  • Johnny Truong

     4 months ago

    Danielle is such a passionate chef. I hope she's doing big things right now.

  • dsm3ds

     22 hours ago

    Acrobatic Jesus she sent it back.

  • Paulo Frota

     5 days ago

    @Acrobatic Jesus He said "big", not "limp"

  • thisaccountdoesntexistorwuteva

     11 months ago

    I’ve never seen anyone complain about too much food

  • Bla Blu

     2 days ago

    I do sometimes complain about it, I know we have some money to get somefood but what we really need just nutrition, comfortable taste texture etc and full. Thats all, its not about being jerk but our body is our temple, keep it holy too much could let to dead sometimes

  • cjfelldownagain

     2 days ago

    Everyone outside of America doesn't like mass ammount of food for 1 sitting

  • Old King Doran

     9 months ago

    that white haired girl... oh god, she's so cute

  • mac taggart

     9 hours ago

    @Mr. Spoony no one was talking about you at all.

  • Cross Over

     17 days ago

    @C M that's a dude...

  • Kool Aid

     1 years ago

    Who complains bout too much food?😂usually restaurants are stingy

  • Taran Saunders


    I used to think about how could anyone complain about too much food until I travelled to the USA. The portions are massive, in some cases larger than family share sizes. And if the food isn't top quality, then you don't want to eat that much

  • arbetor12

     1 months ago

    There's this fish and chip shop in my highstreet where you can get lots of food for £5

  • Chimchim Jellybean

     4 months ago

    It's honestly so refreshing to see a chef who actually wants to learn and improve and accept Gordon's help 🙂😁


     1 months ago

    PhuckHue2 ummmm ok

  • BradHeas

     1 months ago

    Thing is she isn't a chef. She's just filling in for a family member. Soon as she left the place went back to it's old ways and closed.

  • D.M. Iris

     6 months ago

    Extra food is great as a customer. However, it’s financially awful for a restaurant. Having to spend money on boxes, bags, and the amount of food that needs to be purchased to maintain the portions is hugely expensive. So when a restaurant is struggling money wise, big portions are a no-no.

  • Johnathan Patrick

     26 days ago

    @Cynical Penguin Try again. Applebee's not too long ago had 'Carside To Go'. Just one counterexample of several.

  • NanaPearl pearl

     1 months ago


  • Annie A

     1 years ago

    What's wrong with large portions? Leftovers are heaven!!!

  • Super Slovak

     1 months ago

    Well its over serving and a waste of food and money if they dont eat it

  • Jancy Wells

     1 months ago

    Means no one comes back in tomorrow though

  • Nick Lawson

     6 months ago

    I hope Danielle finds success later on in her culinary career

  • haileysuarez 31

     18 days ago

    People have said she had went to become a nurse!

  • Apollo Goon

     1 months ago

    I am the 100th like

  • fairy meli

     1 years ago

    STOP I THOUGHT THE TITLE WAS ‘Gordon IS SHOOK over disgusting food practices’

  • kamenridernephilim

     2 months ago

    The video's title just proves the people posting said titles aren't bothering anymore or deliberately using false titles for click bait. Either way it's bad and it reflect poorly on them and the brand name. @Rick James

  • kamenridernephilim

     2 months ago

    There was nothing disgusting in this. The portions certainly were wasteful but it's not vomit inducing like a lot of freezer and fridges Gordon has seen let alone some of the disgusting kitchens.