"It's time!" Bruce Buffer tells his fascinating life story

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 28, 2019
  • Bruce Buffer is synonymous with the UFC and now the legendary announcer tells his story to Caroline Pearce. From finding out he was related to Michael and who he gets most hyped for when announcing.Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the best videos from BT Sport ➡️ http://bit.ly/17YTeL5Subscribe to our 'BT Sport Boxing' YouTube channel ➡️ http://www.youtube.com/c/btsportboxingTwitter: http://twitter.com/btsportFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/btsportInstagram:http://instagram.com/btsportWebsite: http://sport.bt.com
  • Source: https://youtu.be/Pt63rePJek8


  • J


     1 months ago +2466

    How has this man not been on the JRE

  • ChrisHairMusic


     1 months ago +315

    I need a microwave that says, “It’s TIIIIIIMMMMMEEEE!!!”, when my food is ready.

  • Don Papito

    Don Papito

     1 months ago +923

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to introduce Bruce Buffer into the octagon.

  • batman


     1 months ago +1061

    He's a living legend. No one can replace him

  • Mack V

    Mack V

     1 months ago +875

    It’s crazy how the Buffer brothers both became announcers, and yet they didn’t know they were related till MANY years later. It’s like they were destined!

  • Gerard Kearns

    Gerard Kearns

     1 months ago +286

    My son is a huge ufc fan his 8 now and every time it’s dinner I scream it’s time like Bruce for him he loves it

  • Vikotnick


     1 months ago +342

    See, this a professional interview. She is well prepared and very interested. Natural flowing and time just goes flies by. Well done.

  • DK101GT


     1 months ago +96

    Imagine him on top of his wife in bed :-)

  • Jack


     1 months ago +218

    I love how fluid and eloquent Bruce is expressing his thoughts into words. One cool mofo.

  • Viral Valley

    Viral Valley

     1 months ago +272

    This guys catchphrase "its time" gets me excited so it be be awesome for a fighter hearing that when your ready to come out and fight.

  • The Phantom's Thread

    The Phantom's Thread

     1 months ago +319

    "Its time...for BT to stop the ppvs

  • Christian Colquhoun

    Christian Colquhoun

     1 months ago +166

    Isn't it crazy that two long lost brothers would go on to become the two best ring announcers in combat sport? That is absolutely amazing.

  • Hasan Malik

    Hasan Malik

     1 months ago +97

    Its so satisfying when he says “Annnnndddddd neeewwwwwww...”

  • Freelancer Shulav

    Freelancer Shulav

     1 months ago +82

    this lady is blessed with the sweetest and the sexiest voice ever had!! big fan

  • --


     1 months ago +83

    How many sons stay by their mother's bed today and would pass up a monumental opportunity? Buff is a good man.

  • Omar Hussain

    Omar Hussain

     1 months ago +84

    The only man that doesnt flinch during an ngannou knock out

  • Kay Son

    Kay Son

     1 months ago +78

    Such a big voice in the Octagon, but so soft spoken & humble in person. What a gem!

  • CJ Calhoun

    CJ Calhoun

     1 months ago +55

    Anatomy of Bruce Buffer is a must!!! Will Harris make it happen.

  • Azad Alam

    Azad Alam

     1 months ago +73

    Bruce 'i answer my alarm with ITTTSSS TIMEEEEEE' Buffer

  • Peter Pereda

    Peter Pereda

     1 months ago +62

    I'm glad I watched this video. I just learned what a great guy Bruce Buffer is.