i'm uninstalling nba 2k19...

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 2, 2019
  • NBA 2K19 gives you plenty of reasons to consider doing it.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Pto5RQL5m-A


  • KingFreshMau


     1 months ago

    bruh I unistalled 2k20 already

  • Retro Saucin'

    Retro Saucin'

     3 months ago

    Not gonna lie i been watching agent for a couple years now and I just subscribed to agent like a week ago cause this dude literally knows good content.. and one of the only youtubers in the 2k community that keeps the same energy and passion in all his videos in other words this guy is in his own lane and his content helps me get through hard times

  • Rihinoo J

    Rihinoo J

     4 months ago

    Agent sweating ALOTTT😂💀

  • G I R A R D

    G I R A R D

     4 months ago

    I stg I’m on 20 rn and as 6:00 hits the connection screen pops up 😔

  • BlackishAsian


     4 months ago +1

    Nigga Fanum said: أريدك أن تطلب مني سندوتش دجاج من بوبايز

  • Kash Serrao

    Kash Serrao

     4 months ago

    7:39 that has happened to me on my center so many times on different 2ks if you make a center every year like I do you’ll know

  • Beastmode 24

    Beastmode 24

     4 months ago

    R u really gon suck dat fish

  • vTrvppy TGC

    vTrvppy TGC

     5 months ago

    When fanum said shabaiheerubslee that shit touched me 🥺

  • Player Gabriel

    Player Gabriel

     5 months ago

    5:30 song ?

  • Giants/Mets/Blazers


     5 months ago

    If NBA Live players didn’t move like robots 2K would be fucked lol.

  • Angel Boy

    Angel Boy

     5 months ago

    Did anybody else rewatch the last 20 seconds of the video 20 times

  • What it do baby! Ok

    What it do baby! Ok

     5 months ago

    8:24 Fanum called Agent 00 a pig😂

  • Abernathy


     5 months ago

    1:13 look like xxxtentacion

  • Elias Prodgr

    Elias Prodgr

     5 months ago +1

    Who else saw duke Dennis in his other account in the background when he’d did his daily spin

  • Sir Silly

    Sir Silly

     5 months ago

    9:50. The way he says get better tho

  • baby zah

    baby zah

     5 months ago

    Idc if ur pass rating is 3 😂😂

  • Meech Huhyuh

    Meech Huhyuh

     6 months ago

    Take hat off

  • Meech Huhyuh

    Meech Huhyuh

     6 months ago

    Take hat off

  • Jeremy ewoldt

    Jeremy ewoldt

     6 months ago

    Agent love your stuff big guy consider you one of the best 2k tou tubers plus your happy with who you are keep it up my man

  • drippyjay2k


     6 months ago

    Hey guys I am a youtuber who is new to the community and I am trying to be like the best there is. I love playing 2k and i would really love for y'alls support if your reading this you are truly a good person...plz 😊