Kamala Harris' message to immigrants: "We as a nation are better than this"

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 24, 2019
  • As President Trump threatens to conduct nationwide immigration raids, lawmakers are scrambling to respond. California Sen. Kamala Harris, who is running to be the Democratic nominee for president, spoke to CBS News political correspondent Ed O'Keefe about her message for undocumented immigrants. Also, CBS News reporter Camilo Montoya-Galvez joined CBSN from Washington with more on what the possible raids mean for the undocumented.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/PuPf0G8sNXY


  • Cole Tanner

    Cole Tanner

     3 months ago

    https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/11/politics/kfile-kamala-harris-undocumented-juveniles/index.html Is CNN is racist and biased against Kamala for this story?? No, but if Trump refers to it, he of course will be..lol



     3 months ago +1

    😏 Kamala Harris is so confused! Kamala, moreover, has no real grasp of the principles and values that buttress and cement together a free, stable, and productive nation like the United States! 🤨

  • Brandon delcox

    Brandon delcox

     3 months ago

    Still acting as if we are racist for wanting to conserve our way of life. Real Americans don't hear you Harris. If I have to follow the law, so do they. Do you really want to send the message to people like me that it's ok to break the law. Might want to think about the consequences of disregarding our country.

  • Kevin Afton

    Kevin Afton

     3 months ago

    She is completely dodging the question. Where are you going to put them Kamala?

  • Judith Knights -Rayson

    Judith Knights -Rayson

     3 months ago

    Ah shame, kamala, do you really care about the immigrant families? You, the dems, encouraged them to come to the USA. If you are so concerned about the bad conditions in the countries they came from, why dont you go to those countries to help them change for the better? You might even end up as a heroine!

  • Bath Water

    Bath Water

     3 months ago

    Aren't her parents immigrants and are they legal?

  • James Gilliam

    James Gilliam

     4 months ago

    Yes and president Trump is right carry your a** where you came from. And you shouldn't be running your damn mouth. Because wasn't you locking up our black people for nothing. And I hope that our black people remember that because you are a lawless women. And stop your damn lie in.

  • Gigi Bouse

    Gigi Bouse

     4 months ago

    You are a liar. There is not 90% return rate. The same laws under Obama are the same under Trump. Trump is just enforcing them, that is the difference.

  • Tghooker


     4 months ago

    she didn't answer the questions. i know people are falling for this fraud.

  • csr326


     4 months ago

    Funny how Harris said immigrants and not illegal immigrants

  • Antonio Martinez

    Antonio Martinez

     4 months ago


  • Daniel Embree

    Daniel Embree

     4 months ago

    My message: "GET OUT !"

  • jean skilling

    jean skilling

     4 months ago

    DEMS Buy VOTES WITH TAX PAYER MONEY. I'm starting to believe the dems don't know what truth is.

  • Bissell Smith

    Bissell Smith

     4 months ago

    She doesn't ever say it, but she's for open borders. She is encouraging people to come. "there w/b a new day". Give them the benefit. She's actually says they "have rights"...really? She wants to give them refuge, but they don't ever come to their hearing. "Return used to be 98%"....when? She's a complete liar.

  • Todd Toddy

    Todd Toddy

     4 months ago

    Here we have a black American candidate who cares more about illegal immigrants than black Americans.

  • Hephaestus


     4 months ago

    Kamala, I have an advice to you,
    Why don't you apply for a position in the United Nations HCR Agency?
    The Human Commission of Refugees is a very humane organization that supports, protects ans cares of people globally. Your immense big heart ideas would be perfect fit there. But please don't run for President of the US, this job is to work for Americans, not the entire population of the world. You are either insane or a hypocrite.

  • Cringe Dude

    Cringe Dude

     4 months ago

    This is democrats fault for encouraging people from south america too do this and get in these horrible situations.... if we had better security none of this would be a problem

  • Cringe Dude

    Cringe Dude

     4 months ago

    look if we bring in all the immigrants from around the world too our country, the USA will become like india... filled with billions not millions and our economy the DOLLAR will be worth PENNNIES WHY DO PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTAND THIS BASIC KNOWLEDGE...

    stop fighting for the world and fight for the USA

  • trkoby


     4 months ago

    Thank you Kamala. If you don't win at least you went on a national stage to say what needed to be said.

  • ronnie collum

    ronnie collum

     4 months ago

    trains and buses and planes 24/7 taking 30,000,000 illegals out of america , many are from Asia