10 Strict Rules BTS Must Follow On Tour

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 26, 2018
  • The KPOP Group BTS Has To Follow Many Rules When They Are On Tour. Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/hHvOf8 When K-pop was just emerging in the early 2000’s, no one expected an all-boy group to pave the way. Even before PSY and his massive hit “Gangnam Style”, the music industry only expected a handful of girl-groups and soloists to make it out of South Korea and onto the world stage of music. BTS, an all-male group consisting of rappers, vocalists, and dancers, made history by being one of the most popular K-pop groups in the world! RM (Namjoon), V, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, and Jungkook took over South Korea with their talent and charm. Now, they’ve taken over the Western hemisphere, regularly landing the top spots in US and UK charts. With such global success, it’s no surprise that BTS tours the world, visiting their millions of adoring fans, aka the ARMY. Despite the fame and fortune, it’s no walk in the park. BTS, Beyond the Scene, still has a lot of rules to follow while on tour to ensure the safety of both the group and their fans. Sometimes, it can get pretty strict. Watch the video to find out about these rules, and follow TheTalko for more.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/Q-CwPOGpCJ0


  • jessica duncan

     7 months ago

    “sorry armies, but you’ll have to save your kisses for your bts poster and iPhone wallpapers instead”jesus who do you think we are

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  • Praise Sosina

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    jessica duncan ikr

  • ChimChim my Heartu

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    Talko: “Can cause injuries between both sides”Namjoon: *”Fans don’t hurt me, I hurt myself.”*

  • Night Bear

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  • 3.14159265358979328 46

     13 days ago

    ChimChim my Heartu he looked so sad when he said that too😂

  • Isha Naaz

     2 months ago

    *No Swearing*Yoongi: * *Curses at J-Hope for waking him up* *

  • Marshmallow Yoongi

     4 days ago

    namjoon the nun I was about to comment that lol

  • Crackhead Coconut

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    No drinking..Meanwhile*Jungkook casually doing a whole v live drinking*😂😂😂

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  • Rosie-Chan

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    That apple peeling asmr tho 😂

  • Madison Ragsdale

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    “No swearing”Suga: *has left the chat*

  • Ayden

     8 days ago

    @Daniel nava "Finally, peace and quiet 😊"

  • Daniel nava

     13 days ago

    😂 that reminds me of Bts chim chim trash the video when they tried to figure out who hacked jimins email

  • Bunvra

     2 months ago

    “No drunk tweeting”Bts: *Makes Dionysus*

  • Sonia Alvarerez

     2 days ago

    True thooooooooo

  • Mela

     1 months ago

    *no swearing*Agust D: Am I a *joke* to you?

  • Lety P

     10 days ago

    Suga: It wasn't me, it was Patricia (AgustD)

  • a cup of taetae

     1 months ago

    TheTalko: i like kpopViewers: but kpop doesnt like you

  • mark needs his *tae* with *suga*

     8 days ago

    @Azaur and that's fine just don't cause fan wars or else I'll die cuz of triggerness

  • ナイトメア•• 검은색

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    Excuse me, have you heard of Jinhit?

  • Marshmallow Yoongi

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    I’m ur 666th like heHeEhheEhEH

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  • ty yt

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    *No drunk tweeting* jungkook: let's drink and do a live then.

  • Lety P

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    Technically he wasn't breaking the tweeting rule lol

  • 時間ItzStarStream

     19 days ago