Pet Sematary - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 5, 2019
  • Another Stephen King adaptation comes to the big screen. Can it keep the IT momentum going? Here's my review of PET SEMATARY!

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  • Emilio Manuel De Pedro

    Emilio Manuel De Pedro

     7 days ago

    What i can't stand about this film is Ellie's death. Why? Cause they found the cementary just to save their daughter's cat. And they saved him. But they lost her. And that makes me sad with only thinking about it.

  • Devil's Mask

    Devil's Mask

     7 days ago

    My opinion:Movie is trash and i didnt even sticked with it to the end (I tried to watch it all 3 times but i didnt , the girl in this movie is total garbage)

  • Brandon with wwe Lent

    Brandon with wwe Lent

     7 days ago

    Pet Semarxrry is my second. Favorite and Carrie is my first .

  • Anything. Lucy

    Anything. Lucy

     14 days ago

    I saw this today. I was extremely disappointed. There was nothing scary. The jump scare my brother did at the beginning was scarier. It was boring. The acting was a improvement from the original. Scary stories to tell in the dark was way scarier. A PG-13 horror film was scarier than a Steven King movie. Let that sink in

  • Angel Fish

    Angel Fish

     1 months ago

    You do sick the best!!

  • Crzyangelgirl


     1 months ago

    I came for the cat only.

  • Christina Jones

    Christina Jones

     1 months ago

    You're really were sick when you made this. I just watched this movie and it was so bad! You were on some hard medication or something LOL!

  • JustAnotherDutchy


     1 months ago

    SPOILERS I can live with the fact that the movie stayed true to a bunch of little things from the book but ellie dying instead of gage was a big shocker for me. I would have loved the movie to stay a lot more true to the book in that regard but I guess this is nice if you already knew the story. It's a shame the movie wasn't longer, I feel they could have spent a lot more time on character development. In the book Louis and Jud become quite good friends and spend a lot of time together. I'm fine with Ellie and Jud being friends instead but it feels like everything goes by too quick in the movie to eventually get to the twist. This is the issue I have with Steppen king movie adaptations in general. The book generally contains a story that is so much better and richer than the movie. It's a shame if you ask me. I love the books, the story deserves a lot more than this.

  • Revocate Life

    Revocate Life

     1 months ago

    They absolutely wasted the side story of the sister. She was way more creepy in the book and 80’s movie.

  • That one gamer

    That one gamer

     2 months ago

    Just ordered it havnt seen it yet. But my favorite so far is rose red or the newer it

  • Don Juan

    Don Juan

     2 months ago

    Nice PussY :)

  • Vits Vicente Torres

    Vits Vicente Torres

     2 months ago

    My favorites are THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, THE MIST and 1922.

  • sign543


     2 months ago

    The REASON these films don’t work is that the type of horror that King often does is not made to be frightening in a film BECAUSE it would really only be frightening if it were actually happening to you. He knows how to scare us in ourselves...because we imagine what’s happening in our heads. In the novel IT...having Frankenstein coming to life beneath the sewers was a frightening thought when I was a kid...there is almost no way to adapt that to a film and have it look scary. It would have to happen TO you...for it to be scary. Most of his stories should remain stories. That’s the problem. His best adaptations aren’t even horror films: Stand By Me, Shawshank Redemption, Delores Claiborne...the big exceptions are rare: Misery, The Shining (and even that’s debatable), The Green Mile (which is arguably not even horror).

  • sign543


     2 months ago

    God that movie sucked. BIG time. I was sure that so many years later they’d be able to improve...not even CLOSE. Yuck. I was bored the entire time.

  • M Gee

    M Gee

     2 months ago

    Can you STFU and do the review damn!!

  • ViciousBane 56

    ViciousBane 56

     2 months ago

    1:41 same

  • Dennis Menace

    Dennis Menace

     2 months ago

    the only thing I liked about the film was the bit right at the end which stephen king didn't even write, go figure

  • captainbrunch


     2 months ago

    Best way to describe it is that it felt like a very creative fan fiction

  • Stefanie Mika

    Stefanie Mika

     2 months ago +2

    "I realize with the thumbnail I'm going to get all the cat people." Is the reason I clicked on this video 😂😂😂

  • Cole REVIEWS

    Cole REVIEWS

     2 months ago

    THE SHINING (1980)