Billie Eilish - Bored (Audio)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 6, 2017
  • Listen to "Bored": to “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?”: Billie Eilish:Facebook: video by Billie Eilish performing Bored. (C) 2017 Interscope Records
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  • Emily ChAu

     2 months ago

    When your best friend is absent

  • Su Naz Aygün

     8 hours ago


  • SallyFaceJennie

     4 days ago

    ikr ahhahaha

  • Lifeaslucy. Be

     1 months ago

    Billie at 15: sounds like an angelMe at 15: sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks...

  • Luna gacha

     5 hours ago


  • JALO

     2 days ago

    what does your age gotta do w your voice? nothing.

  • The Ari Jacob Show

     2 months ago

    Billie: BoredLoren Gray: Not having funBillie: ***** broke heartLoren Gray: female dog fractured organ. Billie: Ocean EyesLoren: Sea looking thingsBillie: CrownLoren: TiaraBillie: CopycatLoren: Me😎😎😎 Lol

  • kiwi_kawai_xd

     4 days ago

    Hahahahaha trueee!

  • tiara nathania

     5 days ago

    you called my name wtf😂😂😂

  • Areli A.M

     2 months ago

    This is Billies most underrated song


     2 days ago

    watch says hi


     2 days ago

    u said underrated ? tf 40M views man chill..

  • Lola Gonsi

     2 years ago

    Okay, wow, she made it into a Netflix original's soundtrack. I'm.. pretty speechless. A bit afraid she might become so popular to the point where she begins to change her music content. Please never change, Billie! Hopefully, she becomes popular within a certain amount of people, and grows from there. Some people want her to reach the heights and become one of the best, I just want her to have a place in society, one that doesn't change her in any possible way.

  • Lily 1

     2 days ago

    A lot has changed since this comment been posted, damn

  • Zina Alhadi

     1 months ago

    Wow two years later and she’s one of the most popular artists out there

  • Ohnygodthisnameissolong Readthisand

     12 days ago

    Ocean eyes: im scared Bored: im not afraid anymore Bellyache: i wanna make them scared Bury a friend: why aren‘t you scared of me? Bad guy: they are scared

  • Brenda Julieta Lopez

     3 days ago

    @nitai matan are we singing Bad guy?

  • nitai matan

     3 days ago

    @Brenda Julieta Lopez I mean,

  • Bri Anna

     4 months ago

    Who is here in 2019? Love Billie so much ❤️

  • Paulo Ricardo

     10 days ago

    Of course!

  • Patricia Jones

     13 days ago


  • Deea T

     28 days ago

    Finneas: ugh I'm bored Billie: oh ok I'll just make a song about that bro

  • yeeunie jang

     8 days ago


  • Yashmin Jamal

     16 days ago

    @Moto Moto yeah😂

  • Bimal Fanasiya

     3 months ago

    The way she says *BORED* OH MY2:14

  • pedophile

     8 days ago

    Woooooooooooooow i can almost the highest note but she killed it

  • Rhiannon_M

     20 days ago

    Bimal Fanasiya ikr

  • AGirl OnFire

     4 months ago

    Billie Eilish - Bored...I'm so bored Me - Poor...I'm so poor

  • Alex Rodríguez

     7 days ago

    Omg me 😂😂😂😂

  • şevval

     10 days ago

    poor her yerde poor naparsın:D