Property Brothers Share Their Best Tips Interview

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 2, 2016
  • Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott, the Property Brothers give advice and tips during interview and q&a
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     a months ago


  • michelle graham

    michelle graham

     2 months ago +1

    We love you guys ❤️ and we watch your shows everyday! Keep doing what you do.

  • anders damin

    anders damin

     2 months ago

    If they're Canadian, they must have trained themselves not to say 'hoos' for house.

  • Sônia Negrini

    Sônia Negrini

     3 months ago

    Pena não ter legenda 😪, pois não entendo nada , mas é bom ver essas queridas figuras do qual tenho muito carinho. 😍😍👏👏👏

  • Damião Martins Martins

    Damião Martins Martins

     4 months ago


  • Laura Clement

    Laura Clement

     5 months ago

    I think Jonathan is so amazing

  • Diná NA

    Diná NA

     5 months ago

    Gostaria tanto entender o que eles falam 😏

  • Rose Arellanes

    Rose Arellanes

     8 months ago +1

    I have a major crush on Jonathan

  • Iis Sukmianingsih

    Iis Sukmianingsih

     10 months ago

    like so much

  • Maria De Los Angeles Acosta Mendez

    Maria De Los Angeles Acosta Mendez

     11 months ago +1


  • Christine DeD

    Christine DeD

     a years ago

    Im hoping they are Hip Fans.

  • christine maddy

    christine maddy

     a years ago +2

    I enjoyed ur Property Brothers Channel.. I love u guys.. U r both are born to be unik in ur own ways and helping beautifying other people houses.. It’s a tiring job actually.. Used a lot of ur brains, hands n legs to think what, how to plan and do beautiful houses and make no mistakes and make magic to it making people says Wow! , and people feel satisfied and happy at the end for what we accomplished right? Continued ur good work. I am not in ur country and I wish I am.
    Keep up brothers🌸
    Thanks for sharing.. Love watching..
    God bless u both.. Take care🙏💜😃

    And lastly, those people who can afford buying ur dream new houses, and fought out a lot of money, u can do it, but for those can’t please don’t struggle, because it won’t be easy u won’t be happy at the end of day what will come next...

  • ana moura

    ana moura

     a years ago +4

    Never let anyone tell you that you can not do something. If you have a dream you have to run after it. People can not win and they say you will not win either. If you want one thing run behind.

  • Jenna Grace Emanuele

    Jenna Grace Emanuele

     2 years ago

    This was going on tonight or the best thing ever been in my room to come over for dinner with the way to the top right of the people that have a lot more than the street in my room and a great way of getting ready now and I don't think so much fun of me a great care about the future is not an option of getting ready for you have any idea of what is your mom said you are a little while the best of all worlds largest luxury hotels and I have to the right now I'm just gonna be in my life with the same way about weeks ago when you have any plans for tonight even though it is a good time in my head is pounding to do that for me a call to do with you and your mom to get the best thing about you have any plans for the same thing to be said about it and the street is that ok so

  • gizzycat cat

    gizzycat cat

     3 years ago +8

    These guys are awesome!

  • Miroslava Hristova

    Miroslava Hristova

     3 years ago +4

    they are so real, I like them

  • Cheyenne Hunt

    Cheyenne Hunt

     3 years ago +7

    Love watching Jonathan and Drew fixing up houses.. just love it..

  • daniel bisson

    daniel bisson

     3 years ago

    they are wanna be performers

  • damnright4


     3 years ago

    I can't watch their show, its completely out of touch with what average Americans can afford... Ridiculous really.

  • teri tesler

    teri tesler

     3 years ago

    wow newyork how nice is that I want to go bet theirs lots of great stuff. their I love stuff.