This Pilot Had A Canine Companion In The Cockpit, But He Was Actually On A Vital Rescue Mission

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 5, 2019
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    The dog climbed into the cockpit and found a nice spot on the human’s lap. From there, she could see out of the window and down to the floor below. As she peered out, the ground got smaller, until all she could see was clouds. But her journey was just beginning.

    Animal shelters are often a place of hope and new beginnings for their non-human residents. All too often, though, the truth is quite the opposite. While shelters do save strays from a life on the streets, sometimes the dogs can end up paying the ultimate price.

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  • Greg Hall

    Greg Hall

     9 months ago

    Thank You 🙏 To all the people that helped in transporting these beautiful animals and help finding them a new home

  • fatboymig1


     9 months ago +2

    So angels really do have wings.

  • XXCupCakeLoverXX cupcakes for life

    XXCupCakeLoverXX cupcakes for life

     9 months ago +2

    A shelter my mom volunteers at had a 10 year old German Shepherd named Banner. Banner had almost spent his entire life there. They were about to put him down but someone saved him. A nice couple wanted to save him and wanted to adopt him, I was sad he had to go but I didn't want him to die. I had to face it, I was never gonna see my buddy again. I miss you Banner, I hope you miss me to. No matter where you are, if your dead or alive, I will see you again. I don't want you to be tortured any longer then you have to be. Goodbye my old friend.

  • gayle gomez

    gayle gomez

     9 months ago +1


  • gayle gomez

    gayle gomez

     9 months ago +2

    I have volunteered with Wings of Rescue before they are an incredible organization. These Pilots give their countless hours time and effort to transfer hundreds upon hundreds of dogs that were set to be euthanized from California typically to Washington or Oregon. It's a wonderful thing to see what these people do!!!! Jah speed to them all!!!

  • Jen Dagesse

    Jen Dagesse

     9 months ago +4

    can't watch this it's to sad

  • Yvonne Camacho

    Yvonne Camacho

     9 months ago +7

    God bless you all every one. If pet owners would only spay and/or neuter their animals there would be so much less suffering on all sides. Pet owners need to educate themselves before getting a pet because lack of knowledge can lead to neglect, death, pain and abuse for the poor animal as is so commonly seen world over. Thank you so very much. My heart is with you.

  • ballinacrossrose


     9 months ago +4

    If these pilots can voluntarily help out by flying all these stray animals to new homes and shelters, why can't all veterinarians take just one day a week out to spay and neuter all these street animals, with the money they charge pet owners everyday for a ten minute visit they could well afford to help the helpless.

  • denny smith

    denny smith

     9 months ago +4

    PROVERBS 12 : 10

    "The RIGHTEOUS one CARES for the domestic animal... the mercies of the EVIL one is CRUEL.."

  • Aniel Ramirez

    Aniel Ramirez

     9 months ago +7

    Bless the people that take care of them god bless's them to 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭