MALO - March of Progress

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 18, 2017
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  • rad HAZZARD

    rad HAZZARD

     a years ago +2590

    Listening to this. I gotta say. Music is the most beautiful invention of the human mind

  • Plxton


     a years ago +1222

    I knew I liked this kind of music... but I didn't know how much I liked it until I found you

  • Igor Vishnyakov

    Igor Vishnyakov

     a years ago +926

    Looks like solomon's theme from battlefield 3. I like it.

  • Suspendius


     11 months ago +870

    I almost didn't click on this. I am glad I did.

  • Utility


     7 months ago +266

    1 second of this song = one year added to your time travel

  • Captain BroadSword

    Captain BroadSword

     5 hours ago

    Is it just me or does this somewhat resembles the soundtrack of Battlefield 3?? (You know the one that plays on some serious tense moments)

  • Bob Bob

    Bob Bob

     4 months ago +14

    Это прекрасная музыка! Просто манит отправиться в дальние путешествия!

  • Iron Drapes

    Iron Drapes

     a years ago +701

    Nice sample from the Interstellar tune

  • Emma Wallander

    Emma Wallander

     4 months ago +131

    This kind of music is so underrated

  • Milky Dromeda

    Milky Dromeda

     a years ago +271

    Has an Interstellar vibe, I love it!

  • thewebspinner


     3 days ago +1

    I've listened to this hundreds of times and the guitar gets me every time. 10/10 tune

  • Agent Smith

    Agent Smith

     a years ago +136

    5:48 .. Masterpiece!!

  • Ludo


     a years ago +143

    2:50 holy mother of god, its what i was waiting for since the 1st minute

  • ColorSettings


     9 months ago +201

    I just want to be a time travel, and listening to this music while moving to year 2099.

  • Víctor Hugo

    Víctor Hugo

     a years ago +239

    4:41 daaaamn thats amazing, cheers from Brazil man, this song is unbelivable, the transitions, everything man, good vibes over 9000

  • Pepsiikan


     8 months ago +257

    Sometime while listening to this i imagine what humanity is gonna look like a 600 years from now, sometimes i wonder if we are gonna be a race of technology and megastuctures in space and the beyond...and sometimes i wonder if instead the human race will be nothing but a ancient relic of the past, nothing more than another civilisation that rised and the many others before us

  • Koogun


     4 days ago +3

    What happened to the Synthwave compilation you uploaded that had 15 million views on it?

  • Zyczu55


     a years ago +107

    Perfect music doesnt exi... wait wait... HOW DID YOU DO THAT?

  • Vaellyth


     5 months ago +4

    Sounds a bit like the Cottage theme from Legend, almost thought it was a remix before looking at the title.
    Excellent vibes. ✌️

  • SilvioTheFox


     5 months ago +45

    " Battlefield 3 [Soundtrack] - Track 04 - Solomon's Theme " Speed x2... xD