Top 10 Most Violent Super Villains

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 15, 2017
  • Top 10 Most Violent Super Villains

    Comic book super villains are undoubtably evil, but which villain is the most violent and dangerous? We don't care about what villain is the most powerful, we want to know who are the bloodiest comic book bad guys of all time. Characters like Mystique and Bullseye certainly know how to cause chaos and carnage, but other big bag guys like Darkseid and Red Skull cause violence on a much larger scale. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 most violent comic book villains.

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    00:49 #10. Darkseid
    01:43 #9. Red Skull
    02:37 #8. Bullseye
    03:30 #7. Deathstroke
    04:10 #6. Sabertooth
    05:04 #5. Doomsday
    05:55 #4. Bane
    06:46 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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     2 years ago +195

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  • Calwayne Archer

    Calwayne Archer

     3 hours ago

    How is joker not the most violent super villains

  • Jacob XP101

    Jacob XP101

     3 days ago

    Darkseid is number 10!!!!!!!!! How the fudge

  • Andrej


     4 days ago

    Where is Lobo?

  • Doctor Weird

    Doctor Weird

     5 days ago

    I knew it was gonna be carnage



     5 days ago

    Except number 1
    I would take Mepiles from Sonic 06

  • Marc C.

    Marc C.

     7 days ago

    Should have included William Hand. Essentially the "Night King" if you will of DC.

  • Smok Biggarton

    Smok Biggarton

     7 days ago

    Lol Doomsday melted Supergirls face with that punch..damm

  • help me

    help me

     7 days ago +1


  • УПИ / UPI

    УПИ / UPI

     7 days ago

    Buuut Joker killed Lois Lane by Supermans own hands....Carnage? Hmmm...

  • Jason Lane

    Jason Lane

     14 days ago

    No Kid Miracleman? He was a serial killer with Superman's powers.

  • Bane


     21 days ago +1

    All my years of conquest,violence,slaughter. It never was personal.But I telling you now,what im about to do with your stubborn,annoying little planet..Im gonna enjoy it.Very very much.

    And he is just honorable mention.

  • Jack Jerry

    Jack Jerry

     21 days ago

    10. Bullseye 9. Sabretooth 8. Carnage 7. Joker 6. Darkseid 5. Shredder 4. Ras Al Ghul 3. Bane 2. Red Skull 1. Abomination

  • Hiky Prime

    Hiky Prime

     a months ago

    For me, Darkseid should be in #3, Joker in #2 and Doomsday in #1. There's no limit to the evil mind of Darkseid and Joker's insanity is even worse. But Doomsday...all he wants to do, all he lives to do, is pure intergalactic carnage and destruction. He is death and violence incarnate. He's worse than Carnage himself. But that's just my opinion...

  • Ago Contealia

    Ago Contealia

     a months ago

    What Is it. Not the catipiliar it was supossed to be. I dont recognise it.

  • Ago Contealia

    Ago Contealia

     a months ago

    But what if I could Return the Butterfly into the Caccon. Would It come back a Cattipiliar?

  • Ago Contealia

    Ago Contealia

     a months ago

    The stages of Life. A catipiliar will turn into a Butterfly. 🦋

  • Kokonashi Ninja

    Kokonashi Ninja

     a months ago

    The joker is the best villain

  • H


     a months ago

    Who else thinks joker should be number one

  • MultiEDplayer


     a months ago

    #4’s a bane in the back