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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018
  • Watch the best funniest Magicians on Got Talent.
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  • Yuki Macale

    Yuki Macale

     3 hours ago


  • Jelle Otter

    Jelle Otter


    Well... clearly not.

  • Arusha


     yesterday +1

    I just realized the secret to how Mandy got the answers right. So when she was asking the judges the question she wrote them AFTER they gave her the answer. The first scrunched up paper was blank, because the first question she asked she didn't have the answer to. She wrote she answer "Simon" when she asked Alisha her favourite thing to do, and so on. Then in the end she picked up the ones with the right answers, therefore there were 4 scrunched up papers when she asked 3 questions, and the first one was untouched. Pretty smart tbh hahah

  • Greetings ToYou

    Greetings ToYou

     3 days ago +1

    he didnt do much magic to speak of,,,,, and howie loves him,,,,,

  • Greetings ToYou

    Greetings ToYou

     3 days ago +1

    not impressed

  • Greetings ToYou

    Greetings ToYou

     3 days ago

    the old folding card trick,,,

  • Greetings ToYou

    Greetings ToYou

     3 days ago

    so she was wrong

  • Greetings ToYou

    Greetings ToYou

     3 days ago

    this isnt funny

  • Greetings ToYou

    Greetings ToYou

     3 days ago

    the watermellon is inflatable,, fake

  • Joker Possum

    Joker Possum

     3 days ago

    1.2.3 pIPI

  • Cozy Crimson

    Cozy Crimson

     3 days ago

    No one
    Not a soul


  • Twilight sparkle Show

    Twilight sparkle Show

     3 days ago

    The first lady is my favorite 😂

  • Faraj Lashrush

    Faraj Lashrush

     4 days ago

    The woman in 21:07 is so beautiful. I watch this video over and over just to look at her.

    I love her. And I don't even know who she is.

    I really love her.

  • Philip Melcher

    Philip Melcher

     5 days ago

    he sounds like the rock guy from thor ragnarok

  • Isito


     5 days ago

    piff was shakin this entire act

  • AmazingGamer Pro

    AmazingGamer Pro

     6 days ago

    the first trick is easy!!

  • Avali LPS

    Avali LPS

     6 days ago

    15:07 i love it, i love he

  • Cards thingy

    Cards thingy

     6 days ago

    His "deck" was kinda big huh?

  • Hanna Hafizzah

    Hanna Hafizzah

     7 days ago

    Mandy my favourite

  • Samantha Youle

    Samantha Youle

     7 days ago +1

    David: Well Jay
    Me: oh...... WAIT WHAT THAT'S JAY PARK

    My actual reaction