Your Ideal Dessert Based on Zodiac Sign

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 5, 2018
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  • Lilahn'y R Phoenix

    Lilahn'y R Phoenix

     10 minutes ago

    you lost me at peanut butter

  • lizascandles


     21 minutes ago

    Littie kids cant drink wine also im a gemini and i hate fruit

  • Mykael Salinas

    Mykael Salinas

     24 minutes ago

    Come on Tasty do better than this why do I (Capricorn) and Scorpio get a stupid mug cake and "firey hot chocolate" lame

  • It’s Pugcraft Everyone

    It’s Pugcraft Everyone

     51 minutes ago

    10000000000 accurate me as a Scorpio is sweet and spicy

  • Yoongi Licious

    Yoongi Licious

     54 minutes ago

    IM A LEO!!! I was surprised to see that but I ABSOLUTELY love chocolate

  • Thawnz AJ

    Thawnz AJ

     an hour ago

    Not so *ideal* if you can't eat it...
    *Btw I mean allergies or veganism not just having none ofg the ingrediants or somthin

  • Julia Sergenian

    Julia Sergenian

     2 hours ago

    Omg yasssss

  • AnimalLifestyle


     2 hours ago

    I’m Leo and can I just say HELL YES

  • shimmieawsome579


     2 hours ago

    I'm a gemini, and I really hate fruits, im sorry.

  • Topaz2510


     2 hours ago

    I dont even consider hot chocolate dessert, therefore i'd like my metaphorical money back.

  • Rin Eclipse

    Rin Eclipse

     3 hours ago +1

    OK. As an ARieS that is not what I would eat for dessert its toooo healthy for me and thats definitely not me.... XD

  • michelle tanro

    michelle tanro

     4 hours ago

    9:37 is that supposed to be the Sagittarius sign?
    It looks .. phallic

  • Sleepykinq Fan

    Sleepykinq Fan

     5 hours ago +1

    The Cancer one is hilarious bc yesterday my sister got a bag of mini receses and when she opened it there was a huge receces choclate XD and she is a cancer

  • Jaslene Bonilla

    Jaslene Bonilla

     7 hours ago

    I'm a Virgo and my dessert was the magic chocolate balls I love mythical stuff

  • Lucky the gachatuber

    Lucky the gachatuber

     7 hours ago +1

    I'm Sagittarius

  • Satin Sanders

    Satin Sanders

     8 hours ago

    What the actual fuck Aquarius????

  • TealFox


     8 hours ago

    I’m a cancer but I’m allergic to peanut butter
    Edit: I would personally want Leo’s dessert but maybe it’s because I was born on the 22nd (almost a Leo)

  • Mia - Does - Gaming

    Mia - Does - Gaming

     8 hours ago

    Time stamps anyone?

  • Elba Marín

    Elba Marín

     9 hours ago

    I guess my horoscope is wrong as always... I don't like piña colada cupcakes 😑

  • Cristina Arias

    Cristina Arias

     10 hours ago

    Saving Pisces for last because were fucking patient ass people lol love this vid btw