Ups & Downs From WWE RAW (Aug 19)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 20, 2019
  • Our WWE RAW review as Simon Miller talks about Bray Wyatt attacking Jerry The King Lawler, the first 2 King Of The Ring matches, new WWE Raw Tag Team Champions and Sasha Banks attacking Natalya again.

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  • Ruby from KARMA

    Ruby from KARMA

     21 days ago

    don't know why i was so surprised that Rey's son grew up no clue why i just was

  • Ruby from KARMA

    Ruby from KARMA

     21 days ago

    is no one talking about how Braun technically won that title match by DQ so if we fallow the rules here isn't he supposed to be Raw tag champ and United States Champ?
    and does WWE not care about the Intercontinental Title when The Miz or Rollins aren't holding the title
    answer : Yes

  • Curtis Pea

    Curtis Pea

     21 days ago

    Sasha seems to enjoy hurting Natalia a bit too much. Is she in love with her?

  • Ryan Kearney

    Ryan Kearney

     21 days ago

    You are wrong criticising sasha for saying that to natty. She's a heel stop being a snowflake

  • REBEL.Official


     28 days ago

    So you're not gonna talk about Sami Zayn's verbal attack?

  • Anjelica Morrison

    Anjelica Morrison

     28 days ago

    Simon I think that Booker T and Stone Cold figured that if they Skype maybe they will be safe from the Fiend. You know since he is attacking Legends and stuff.

  • Invincible Young Empire

    Invincible Young Empire

     28 days ago

    Simon, why must . you continue to make Simon mad!! 🤣

  • Paul the duck man

    Paul the duck man

     28 days ago

    As someone who doesn't really like "The Man," I thought her promo on Monday was really good.

  • enniobg13


     28 days ago

    If you start Raw with Roman (Smack Down) vs Dolph (Smack Down too) and no even continue the "who attack Roman" plot is a DOWN!

  • Mandal Keith Orton

    Mandal Keith Orton

     28 days ago

    Anything involving Michael Cole is a down. Please retire.

  • Jose Ponce

    Jose Ponce

     28 days ago

    I stopped watching Ups and Downs for a month, and Simon suddenly has puppets, detectives, and lucha masks. Love Simon 4ever

  • richard sabatino

    richard sabatino

     28 days ago

    ray was already unmasked in wcw. he used to wrestle without the mask.

  • n1hondude


     28 days ago

    That's stupid, now we have no feuds for the universal...

  • mark datvolta

    mark datvolta

     28 days ago

    I wish Haku had gotten hold of fake muscle steroided up simon miller and ripped his throat out

  • Marcus Morlock

    Marcus Morlock

     1 months ago

    You know Natalya is about to get jumped whenever she starts talking about her dad.

  • Raul Ojeda

    Raul Ojeda

     1 months ago +1

    Sasha banks sucks.

  • Alexander Lara

    Alexander Lara

     1 months ago

    Simon shave I see to much grey hair

  • Jerry 85g

    Jerry 85g

     1 months ago +1

    Orton doesn't get enough credit. Dude is top 10 all time.

  • JDeppFan2272


     1 months ago

    The WWE wouldn't know how to book a tag division even if they had a division of The Dudleys, Hardys, E&C, The Road Warriors, The Steiners, Harlem Heat, and another 10 best tag teams of all time.

  • austinh450 does gaming

    austinh450 does gaming

     1 months ago

    I’m highly curious though. Who is Bray Wyatt’s next victim in the ring