GIRL CHAT: Should You Stop Treating Your Man Like One of Your Girlfriends?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 31, 2019
  • Real fam, do you think there should be a difference between how you treat your man and your girls?
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  • Blaec man

    Blaec man

     10 hours ago

    What if I like multiple females but because I feel I deserve more they think they can't handle me how do I approach these women

  • Blaec man

    Blaec man

     10 hours ago

    I want to do about my feelings

  • Blaec man

    Blaec man

     10 hours ago

    Can y'all let my family be on y'all show. We have a question what makes a man a man

  • Flamingobear


     5 days ago

    This was the best episode ever!

  • Awaloedin Lim

    Awaloedin Lim

     7 days ago

    Mai how about we drink together?

  • Suzy Subpar

    Suzy Subpar

     7 days ago

    When women asks a guy, why does everything have to be complicated? Wrong! Men are so simple! Women are complicated.

  • Jay P

    Jay P

     7 days ago +1

    Depends on if you want a husband or a homegirl.

  • Aisha Maryam

    Aisha Maryam

     7 days ago

    Idk why I thought I was the only person who was crushing on Mario😭😭

  • Chloe Riccardo

    Chloe Riccardo

     14 days ago

    Amen 🙏🏽 Agree Adrienne yes Forever 21, Top Shop, H&M, Rainbow even can give you amazing fashionable looks and you can still have money in your pocketbook. I would rather spend more on my beauty products and shoes cause your shoes and face gets more use lol than my clothes. You can change outfits styles change every two years so you can mix it up. Neutrals are always good too.

  • Eve Tats

    Eve Tats

     14 days ago

    Adrienne is 100% right! Some men are super gossipy AND they can be very “manly”. Manliness and gossiping are not mutually exclusive people...

  • Destroyer


     14 days ago

    Delusional feminists. No man wants a manipulative, mouthy, feral ham beast of female boss. MGTOW monk mode all the way for me 😂🍻👻👻

  • Denise Cross

    Denise Cross

     14 days ago

    Sounds like HE needs a second wife because between her job and home life she can’t handle things on her own when alone

  • fauziya zubairu

    fauziya zubairu

     14 days ago

    this is my best TV show. 😍😍..all the hosts act normal and real....the name 'Real' suits it soo well

  • Moquees Bowe

    Moquees Bowe

     14 days ago

    Thank you Adrienne lot every man say yo some of us express ourselves

  • Hikkrz Minzzy

    Hikkrz Minzzy

     21 days ago

    Annoying women seriously every relationship is different stupid women 🙄

  • Aisha Reed

    Aisha Reed

     21 days ago

    Her hair is beautiful in that style.

  • Mercy Chumo

    Mercy Chumo

     21 days ago

    Jeannie is really smart.!!!!! 😃

  • Margaret Coleman

    Margaret Coleman

     a months ago

    Is that the Lonnie Love Show

  • delmi aguilar

    delmi aguilar

     a months ago

    Aweeee I love Lanie...... Tamara is so cute

  • Ashley Morris

    Ashley Morris

     a months ago

    I love Tamaras hair and outfit!!! Such a beautiful lady.