Ayesha Curry gets checked by Megan Thee Stallion! | Ayesha gets trolled on Twitter...again

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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  • Lignum VITAL

    Lignum VITAL

     4 months ago +3437

    How about a BOSS GIRL SUMMER. Go boss lady Curry! #bossgirlsummer

  • ocean love

    ocean love

     9 hours ago

    heart girl summer <3333

  • Milk & Hunty

    Milk & Hunty

     yesterday +1

    It’s okay for a black women to not know how to dance... IT’S OKAY... my 7 year old played ball with the Curry’s last summer and they were really humble nice people from the Bay normal people y’all ... I feel like we need to uplift her and not tear her down she’s still a sista

  • Frankie Dankie

    Frankie Dankie


    Hell, I didn't even know there was a "City Girl Summer". #mommyoftwo #businessowner

  • Naturally Divine

    Naturally Divine

     2 days ago

    I think that this is dumb lol they talking bout her Millie rock but not her restaurant opening that girl Millie rock can be what ever she want it to be her restaurant lol the people that’s dragging her don’t get money like her and she rocking the black girl magic summer if you ask me the women is my inspiration I’m actually glad she didn’t know what a hot girl and city girl summer is I DO NOT like the city girls I think they are ratchet and disgusting I fucks with D stallion tho and I would rather a hot girl summer over a city girl summer ( now that I know what that is lol)

  • martina guerra

    martina guerra

     2 days ago

    Ayesha a whole mom a whole business woman a whole has the man every girl wants and y'all lil insecure jealous ass kids getting ' mad ' ahhahahaha I wish Ayesha knew how fucking dope she is

  • I Love Carlito Ganja

    I Love Carlito Ganja

     2 days ago

    I have no idea what a city or hot girl summer is and I’m still living a happy life.

  • Brookliyna Mina

    Brookliyna Mina

     3 days ago

    Yasssss megannn

  • Black Wallstreet

    Black Wallstreet

     4 days ago

    Ayesha Curry is from Canada .. Leave her alone ... To hell with the trolls.. They hate her cause she is mixed and light skinned and they look for reasons to justify there hate....

  • Charisse Brown

    Charisse Brown

     4 days ago

    WELP Ayesha, it looks like a WHOLE LOTTA people are jealous of you !!! Keep being you girl ❤❤❤❤

  • Ngosa Mupeta

    Ngosa Mupeta

     4 days ago +1

    Her dancing is cute, and she was just goofing around. Ya'll are just tripping. And im sure shes not the only married woman that wants some male attention. Shes probably just one of the few that have been open about it.

  • stay woke

    stay woke

     4 days ago


  • stay woke

    stay woke

     4 days ago

    Why a

  • elefint n da room

    elefint n da room

     4 days ago

    She getting picked on because of the insensitive comments she made about wanting other male attention when shes already married and rightfully so! Not sure why steph is still with that woman but that's him! The bottomline Its really sad seeing females defend any act of low class or any bad behavior by other women. And anyone with class who calls these women out are just haters!!? Sad sad sad this is why our daughters are growing up with such low self esteem and immaturity as anything goes now there is no floor!

  • Draco Malfoy

    Draco Malfoy

     4 days ago

    Ayeesha is too pretty to be fooling with these hoes

  • Jasmine Woodson

    Jasmine Woodson

     4 days ago

    They drag the wrong women 😂😂😭😭😭 drag these girls for selling sex and not talent, drag the girls who do anything for a quick buck, drag the girls who scam men left and right instead of building their own. How are they making a wife, mother and business owner “corny”? Lol. She don’t need to know what a hot girl summer is! She is living out the real definition!

  • Raven69


     4 days ago

    All these comments are aggravating like aight yeah she’s a classy and got the bag 😂but Megan was just letting everyone know ‘that’s my phrase’ it honestly wasn’t that deep

  • Nel A

    Nel A

     4 days ago

    Ayesha is cute!!!!! She obviously don’t have I’ll intent. The internet is just being an BIG ASS HATERRRRRRRR! She is a goofy weirdo who was open about her insecurities. Thank GOD most people that are irrelevant STAY irrelevant lmao 😂

  • Jay Deip

    Jay Deip

     5 days ago

    Ehh hehh

  • lorenmorgan2010


     6 days ago

    She's sweet a little goofy and a little clueless to all the trendy slang. Just like me 😅❤😃