Oldest Technologies Scientists Still Can't Explain

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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    Human beings are capable of building incredible structures, from the latest cutting-edge office blocks to artistic sculptures. Cathedrals, sporting arenas, and monuments all over the world are a testament to our creative skill as a species. In the modern era though, we have technology to help us, from huge mechanical drills to laser cutting curved glass. Builders didn’t have these luxuries in ancient times, so how did they manage to create some of the ancient wonders we’re about to show you in this video? Science still doesn’t have the answers.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/QeajYcltm5c


  • Treva Blalock

    Treva Blalock

     23 hours ago

    I believe fallen angels and their offspring with human women did alot of these structures. The bible does talk about there being giant's before and after the flood. I don't think humans were here much longer then a little over 6000 yrs.
    Something to think about.

  • Richard Truckner

    Richard Truckner


    Not sure who writes your scripts but you give little credit to human ingenuity and craftsmanship. Essentially, you have shown several examples of the incredible workmanship of ancient craftsman and engineers. Given enough time and determination, awesome engineering wonders are more than achievable !

  • Kavalam Sooraj

    Kavalam Sooraj


    13:12 i know what this is..
    It is a public toilet...

  • salman origins

    salman origins

     2 days ago

    Give us information about harapa and mohanje daro in Pakistan

  • danny K.

    danny K.

     2 days ago +2

    Thousands of people must have been involved

    Meanwhile ...
    One man building large pools in the middle of nowhere with a large stick.

  • Anarchist Zero

    Anarchist Zero

     2 days ago

    Please don't be naive: if they do know how those artifacts were made, then do you truly think they would share such knowledge with Us? #ClassifiedPatents & #BreakawayCivilization & whereisthemoney.org & gizadeathstar.com & broadleft.org

  • Baerchenization


     3 days ago

    No wonder we don't have real explanations if in the year 2019, you can STILL make money on Youtube by saying "I don't know, therefore god"... I think I am up to something here, seeing how this channel has 315K subs.

  • tiara Kunnath

    tiara Kunnath

     3 days ago

    Only bible has the answer,it's the fallen angel which took the daughters of man,who built it..It's a generation destroyed by God in flood where Noah's was safe.These neflims had angelic power to creat all this but they were a wicked breed,so they got destroyed.. They same cycle is soon possible for the current wicked generation...



     3 days ago +2

    Why do we assume the ancient civilizations were not as smart as we are today? Obviously they were gar superior!

  • Eric M

    Eric M

     3 days ago

    my new thing is to press dislike on every video right away... change my mind.

  • John Doe

    John Doe

     3 days ago +4

    the pyramids were geopolymer. they mushed a stony paste into moulds. they didnt haul giant blocks ffs.

  • Joshua Ingram

    Joshua Ingram

     4 days ago

    I suspect that these Japanesewere used in conjunction with other stones in the same way that modern Japanese carpentry uses joinery.

    Ie. The holes in the big ol' Japanese stones were actually the female end of a joint that connected other stones to it.

  • RXTE


     4 days ago

    Take 2stone's, one made of softer material and one if harder material, rub them together and the harder stone will wear down the softer stone just as sand paper does. Ancient structures with high precision and no Mark's from carving were probably carved out and then the surfaces were smoothed out using other harder material, it's a little silly to assume a cave or building was created with one tool, you dig the structure out then go back and polish it up to make it look nice.



     5 days ago

    what is hovering in the sunset at 7:47



     5 days ago

    You do not think they had chisels in India 1000 years ago? Of course they did, how do you think they carved the Buddhas 500-1000 years earlier than that? There were even chisels in ancient Greece and Rome as well as egpyt thousands of years ago.

  • Guy Folks

    Guy Folks

     5 days ago

    These things seem to be undeniable proofs of prior advanced civilizations long predating any known history.
    Man may have risen and fallen hundreds of times in the distant past.
    I think it is significant that all these aicient relics seem to display one commom characteristic. STONE. The one thing that ignores time, and lasts till the next generation of man arrives

  • HalfricanItalian


     5 days ago

    This video sounds like anti-science propaganda.

  • D blanco

    D blanco

     6 days ago

    How u going to put mayans and say back to the incas??? COMPLETELY DIFFERENT cultures WWWWOOOOWWWW

  • Vîmúkthï Chãmîkå

    Vîmúkthï Chãmîkå

     6 days ago


  • Jon Anthony

    Jon Anthony

     6 days ago +2

    We still don’t know exactly who built the pyramids because we still have assholes out there trying to make us believe they (Egyptians)did it when we KNOW it wasn’t them.. see that’s why we have so many problems figuring things out about earths past-were indoctrinated by school and universities and then have mainstream talking heads blowing smoke up our asses.. here’s a hint-WE DONT NEED THOSE LIARS !