Thrift Try-On Haul feat Forever21, FTF, American Eagle, Madewell...

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 8, 2018
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  • Courtney Crotzer

    Courtney Crotzer

     3 months ago

    That first dress on you looks SOOOO GOOD

  • elaine alvarez

    elaine alvarez

     6 months ago

    Ok Sarah for Stains of any kind especially on white material A good old fashioned bar of Ivory soap will do it. Then for Your Chanell #5 Parfume is oil basred Twalette is water based.

  • evelyn morla

    evelyn morla

     8 months ago

    That's blush shirt with black skirt makes you look classy

  • Hannah Baxter

    Hannah Baxter

     9 months ago

    Nice clothes especially the first dress.

  • Hannah Baxter

    Hannah Baxter

     9 months ago

    Oh wow I'm nearly 10 years older than you.

  • Ирина Ирина

    Ирина Ирина

     9 months ago

    Люблю смотреть на эту куколку..такая милая пышечка...

  • Clever Burton

    Clever Burton

     9 months ago

    Thanks Sarah. Great haul

  • M&P Medrano

    M&P Medrano

     10 months ago

    Off topic ! But where did you get that flower canvas on your wall!?😍

  • Mav Ali

    Mav Ali

     11 months ago

    Omg I have the same dress you have on first :)

  • Ruby Nips

    Ruby Nips

     11 months ago +1

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess two things; Sarah has never sold anything to Thred Up bc she’s smart about money and knows they’re scammers and they’ll give her $2 for a $60 item, if she’s lucky, which is why she has her mom sale her stuff on Poshmark. And Im positive that they hold the really good items just for the influencers. I’ve never found any good items on Thred Up like the YTers show in their hauls. Id rather pay someone $30 on Ebay or Poshmark and have them get good money for their item, instead of supporting a scammy big business. Seriously, I’ve sent in a bag of Torrid, Lane Bryant, A&E and Gap items, lightly used, and got back about $15. It’s fked up.

  • Vikeysha Murray

    Vikeysha Murray

     11 months ago

    I like that dress where

  • Kristin LBV

    Kristin LBV

     a years ago

    I'm turning 30 soon too!

  • Angelina Jose

    Angelina Jose

     a years ago

    Omg i need that fashion to figure dress! I can’t find it on the internet anywhere! Great find!!

  • Panic! Where’s the disco?

    Panic! Where’s the disco?

     a years ago

    That first dress was so flattering on your figureeee

  • Kiana Saty

    Kiana Saty

     a years ago

    You should consider getting a pop socket decal from Etsy. I don’t always love what’s on the pop sockets they sell so you can for cheap customize them. 👍 btw love you videos! 💕

  • P X-101

    P X-101

     a years ago

    Love your big arms, goddess!

  • Rmd Rmd

    Rmd Rmd

     a years ago

    you have twoo beautiful kids at a good age

  • Brooke's Best Life

    Brooke's Best Life

     a years ago

    when other youtubers advertise its annoying but with sarah shes cute and perfect no matter what she posts

  • Paige Ruthless

    Paige Ruthless

     a years ago

    wait youre a scorpio How did I not know that !!! Happy Birthday !!!!!!

  • Ирина Ирина

    Ирина Ирина

     a years ago

    Красавица...интересно какой размер на русский вы носите....