White Diamond's Mind Game with Pink Diamond! [Steven Universe Theory] Crystal Clear

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • White Diamond in the episode Legs from Here to Homeworld sums up the every single event that has transpired in the series thus far as a part of the "latest little game" Pink Diamond's been playing. Yet, what is this game? Is there a clear winner and loser? Everything goes a little bit deeper, so let's dive in and talk about it on Crystal Clear!

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    THUMBNAIL ART: http://perimarine.tumblr.com/post/176246689066/part-1-of-the-white-diamond-pngs-stay-tuned https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/steven-universe/images/b/bb/Pink_Diamond_PNG.png/revision/latest?cb=20180703194614

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    Hosted by: Kevin Williams (AwestruckVox)
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    Artwork by Glasmond & Kitsune Zakuro! http://www.glasworks.tumblr.com

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/QjR4ibElT78


  • The Roundtable

    The Roundtable

     a years ago +262

    In White's Game She Needs a Pawn,
    Be Sure to Know Which Side You're On

    THUMBNAIL ART: http://perimarine.tumblr.com/post/176246689066/part-1-of-the-white-diamond-pngs-stay-tuned https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/steven-universe/images/b/bb/Pink_Diamond_PNG.png/revision/latest?cb=20180703194614

  • Em Anderson

    Em Anderson

     2 months ago

    Omfggg epiphany!! The diamonds are all one person!! White diamond separated herself because she didn't want to have emotions anymore thats why she knew pink diamond couldn't do it!! Pink diamond is white diamonds heart blue is her sadness and yellow is her anger and she kept her happy face but she separated herself literally into the other diamonds hence the space ships being pieces of one person !!! Omfggg

  • Roger Seal Master

    Roger Seal Master

     7 months ago

    White Agate is Weird

  • Millie Wilson

    Millie Wilson

     7 months ago

    No. In a way. I dont think pink lost but challenged everything diamonds were and how they operated. That white was NOT the overall authority she claims to be because there was pink. I think pink mirrored white diamond in lots of ways especially in power and authority. And i think pink knew she was the strongest diamond. I think pink knew her potential but no one gave her a chance to shine until she got earth. I dont think anybody gave pink earth... What if pink diamond just took it and ran away from home.

  • Millie Wilson

    Millie Wilson

     7 months ago

    5:12 i think white diamond wont admit it. But she was jealous of pink. She wanted to she pinks colony fail so she worked on manipulating her in secret only to have something unexpected happen. Pink diamond discovered/made whole new lifeforms, steven and humans

  • Video And Gaming

    Video And Gaming

     8 months ago

    I believe that in the end, Pink Diamond did colonize the planet but not in the way the other diamonds thought. The objective of colonizing planets is to make more gems. And after the gem war, there were only three gems left. Fast forward several thousand years and they find an amethyst in the Kindergarten (a gem made on earth) and than Pink Diamond meets Greg. And what do they do, they had Steven (a half gem and half human child). She succeeded in my option after making her "court" on Earth and successfully protecting her colony.

  • RetroRageasaurus


     8 months ago

    Anyone have a source for the music that plays throughout the video?

  • Zahed Athfy

    Zahed Athfy

     9 months ago

    Wait, they were playing a game?

  • Omar Musa

    Omar Musa

     9 months ago

    That thumbnail,pink diamond is like ‘wot’ XD

  • Sulaiman Mohamed

    Sulaiman Mohamed

     9 months ago

    tHe NaMe GaMe

  • L o v e l y

    L o v e l y

     10 months ago

    Wait what if pink pearl told her former diamond (pink diamond) that she should have a colony or something and white was mad at pink pearl for saying this so she hurt her ... idk

  • Courtney Baltezor

    Courtney Baltezor

     10 months ago

    Yes white dimomd may have split her self but I think she started playing games with pink long before she got earth she kept blue and yellow busy to mess with her lock her in her room and when that didn't work anymore she rub it in pink face that she didn't have planet or a peral. White was then given the peral we know as a gift started mess with her pink saw this wanted her so white took pink orginal peral that she didn't her to have so she had not gave her it and gave her the gifted peral. White dimomd is going to try to play abuse games with setave until the gems get the blue and yellow get off their high horse

  • Dont Hug Me Im Autistic

    Dont Hug Me Im Autistic

     10 months ago

    Just a theory:because they arent on the planet, and white diamond is, this could mean 1 of 3 things.

    1)The Crystal gems arent affected cause they are REBELS and have reformed, making them not-normal gems.
    (2)The Reason WHY it hasnt affected THEM is because White never left the planet yet, so when she DOES leave the planet, the Crystal gems have a chance of dying too. EVEN maybe the ones on different planets. (No clue about Steven though, he might turn back into fully human maybe??)

    OR (3)The Crystal gems would be safe UNLESS they are on homeworld WHEN/IF White Diamond leaves. White could be holding the Planet together, and not the gems. So if White left or something happened to White, the planet would ultimately fall apart and crumble, killing most, or ALL gems on the planet currently, the only ones who wouldnt be affected are ones who arent on homeworld.

  • James Findlay

    James Findlay

     11 months ago

    Word dimond is in twinkle little star what wus lars ship called the sun incinerator so could be this connection to the sun

  • James Findlay

    James Findlay

     11 months ago

    What if the reason white diamond wuy so bright is she a star navy did say homeworld is usually bright do you remember when eyeball got her gemstone cracked she turned into gas what are stars made gasis when steven wus looking at white diamond she wus so white that Steve code barely open his eyes what is in twinkle little star the word dimond in it

  • Pink Diamond

    Pink Diamond

     11 months ago

    I just wanted my own gems!

  • Stephanie Alexandria

    Stephanie Alexandria

     11 months ago

    What's the music in the background??

  • crow zo

    crow zo

     a years ago

    Honestly if you think about it and also could have been due to the fact of how much power is released during corruption

  • Wolfblood X

    Wolfblood X

     a years ago

    "I'm a supreme gem
    I'm graceful, divine
    I'm perfect"

  • Erin Schroeder

    Erin Schroeder

     a years ago

    I think Pink one for like 6,000 years because she spent like 6,000 years after the war on earth away from the other diamonds and with few of her friends which is what she wanted but obviously she didn’t want all I her allies to be corrupted