Ellen Discovers Some Insane Hidden Talent in Her Audience

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 9, 2019
  • Watch as Ellen is wowed by twin brothers who have amazing hockey stick tricks, a woman who does spot-on animal impressions, a sword swallower, and a woman who can make a lot of items appear out of her clothing.

  • Source: https://youtu.be/QjaNLPiqIV0


  • Christian Hartman

    Christian Hartman

     10 hours ago


  • Nora Porterfield

    Nora Porterfield

     13 hours ago

    but I'm too young to comme ellen but I love you so much

  • Nora Porterfield

    Nora Porterfield

     13 hours ago

    that's the day after my B-Day omg ellen I love you so much I've been watching you for 5 year now omg

  • Funzy Wunzy

    Funzy Wunzy

     2 days ago +1

    Ellen’s face when she swallows the sword

  • Aaron Sohal

    Aaron Sohal

     3 days ago +1

    The boys have the exact same clothes
    So if one wants yeezy's the other one gets one????

  • Mistica Mariyanesan

    Mistica Mariyanesan

     3 days ago


  • Mistica Mariyanesan

    Mistica Mariyanesan

     3 days ago +1

    That guy 🤣🤣🤣 he was coming with he sword and then he ran back

  • Mistica Mariyanesan

    Mistica Mariyanesan

     3 days ago

    Omg canadians

  • Brian Parent

    Brian Parent

     3 days ago

    Those two boys are awesome!

  • suzanne spivey

    suzanne spivey

     3 days ago


  • VloggeR Vaibhav

    VloggeR Vaibhav

     3 days ago

    Don't think about deep throat with the girl who took sword too

  • Neve Besler

    Neve Besler

     4 days ago

    Who else is from Canada

  • Amber


     4 days ago

    The 2.5k dislikes is a mix between Ellen’s last audience and people that sit in their room and watch Netflix all day and have no talents at all

  • Punita Singh Rathore

    Punita Singh Rathore

     5 days ago

    Brush stuff same here 😰😰😰

  • Mimi Mimi Farah

    Mimi Mimi Farah

     5 days ago

    Love you ellen❤

  • Zarka Shahab

    Zarka Shahab

     5 days ago +1

    4:39 a hi-fi 🙏

  • Ultra Star

    Ultra Star

     6 days ago +1

    lol I love Asia she’s so funny "I grew up in a freak show." (Ellen) "Nvm."

  • ennjyx


     6 days ago

    Asia is a celeb. So set up.

  • Lily Hall

    Lily Hall

     7 days ago

    I love this video ur amazing elen❤️

  • Divine inside

    Divine inside

     7 days ago

    Twitch looks like every proud father😂
    That's just me when I taste some good food and I'm holding back my tears