5 idols turning from the national favorites to the targets for bashing in Korean netizen eyes

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 18, 2018
  • In 2018, many celebrities lost their reputation because of their attitude and personality. Yeri, Jennie, JooE, San E, Somi are becoming "national targets for bashing", receiving a lot of hate comments.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/QwVjPVJVrbs


  • 스가Midnight


     2 hours ago

    I honestly only agree with the jennie one.... I mean yeah she's pretty and good at dancing but she seems to always have the spotlight on her, shes always infront and if you see their youtube banner it says Jennie Solo... What ever happened to Rose, Jisoo, and Lisa?

  • HaveYourWay 1984

    HaveYourWay 1984

     2 hours ago

    Lol Jennie is still on top and loved by Koreans

  • Brynn Makin

    Brynn Makin

     4 hours ago

    I'm sorry you can't feel tired, make mistakes or want friends? Yerim has done nothing wrong

  • Mark Grimwade

    Mark Grimwade

     6 hours ago

    How can people hate Yeri? She’s sweet, funny, and adorable. I love Yeri!

  • Looks like we life

    Looks like we life

     6 hours ago

    Itzy. Just saying.

  • Da OofStudio

    Da OofStudio

     17 hours ago +1

    Somi?? Why?

  • Yorri Moni

    Yorri Moni

     17 hours ago

    Uhm neither Joo e or Mmld are laughing before jimins voice crack happened. They were having fun

  • Hwa yeun

    Hwa yeun

     19 hours ago

    Don't believe what this you tuber says! She is from Thailand. She is producing too many false news about Kpop to make money on You tube. News about kpop she produce on youtube is mostly false cause she has to make up stories about kpop because she is not korean. She posted almost 2000 post about kpop. To do that she make up so many wrong posts... It's Shame!!! IF U RAE USING KPOP TO MAKE MONEY STOP SPREADING WRONG NEWS!! HOW COME ALL OF THEM ARE NEGATIVE WRONG NEWS. DO U KNOW ABOUT KPOP IN DETAIL BETTER THAN KOREAN? YOU CAN'T BE.. STOP DOING this unethical thing. U are not interested in ur Thailand culture???? If u are interested in kpop then stop lying about it.!!!!

  • and poo

    and poo

     20 hours ago

    San E seems pretty cool.

  • Brøøm


     22 hours ago

    *I like how everyone’s comments are just defending the hate from others. Keep it up.* 👀

  • gotdayx’s ᴍᴏɴᴅᴀʏsᴇ

    gotdayx’s ᴍᴏɴᴅᴀʏsᴇ


    Clicked for somi and dumbasses pls get your facts right Jyp decided to let somi go it’s not somi who wanted to leave.

  • Jimin has got no jAmS

    Jimin has got no jAmS


    How do i report a channel??

  • Jin's Shoulder

    Jin's Shoulder


    JooE loves to seek attention.

  • KaitJoon



    "Jisoos solo music" did you mean Jennie lol

  • Nochu Gguk

    Nochu Gguk


    There's i,E,ie why?

  • Nochu Gguk

    Nochu Gguk


    There's i,E,ie why?

  • MiyukiZero



    God forbid they are human and do crazy things or...oh gosh get tired.

  • s h o o k e t h 101

    s h o o k e t h 101


    This is complete bullshit. These fans are crazy if someone has a change in style, perspective and image that doesn’t mean it’s because they want to look hateful and for some people to bash them. Everyone has their own personal issues. In Korean culture image is number one top priority especially with k pop stars so whatever they say, whatever they wear, who ever they date is all based on fans. These kpop stars barely have the freedom to express them selves out of boundary. If they’ve changed then whatever they changed and if you don’t like it you can freely fuck off easy as that.

  • L S

    L S


    Tf, why tf netizens criticize everyone, I’m one, as well as an army (multi fandom) but tf?! Don’t treat people like that

  • Mary Angel Saenz

    Mary Angel Saenz

     2 days ago

    Nancy too