Where does NASA keep the Moon Rocks? - Smarter Every Day 220

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 9, 2019
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  • SmarterEveryDay

     11 days ago

    Andrea (the lab manager) is awesome.I must confess. Any "wingeing" you hear from Brady Haran about how long this collab took is 100% true. We filmed this 4 years ago (!). He's bugged me to publish it every two months or so, so as a way to express my sincere apology I'd like to humbly request that you go watch his video and consider subscribing on Objectivity. Also, if you do so, please leave a comment about how it was worth the wait and he should quit his wingeing. Here's his video. ...

  • m 77

     an hour ago

    @Bill Martin where is biometrical data?NASA should released biometrical data so some researchers can do study on them, but guess what they lost biometrical data.

  • Cameron Ballensky

     11 days ago

    Andrea- “blah blah blah... Laminar flow.”Destin- 0_0 *Laminar Flow Intensifies*

  • cyberpunk 97'

     5 days ago

    @Iyas kelu you mean 'Republicans'?

  • Iyas kelu

     5 days ago

    Some idiots think that Apollo didn't land on the moon and the earth is flat.

  • KANZ00

     7 days ago

    Next day: *breaking news, yesterday 10 moon rocks got stolen*

  • cefrio

     3 days ago

    @Rob Hughes exactly! Hahaha

  • Rob Hughes

     3 days ago

    They’ll never say they got stolen, just that they lost them like all the telemetry data lol.

  • Jason Nonn

     5 days ago

    I'd like to see an interview with that lady; such an interesting character. Bet she has some great stories.

  • Kagua

     3 days ago

    she's awesome

  • Conor Bryant


    I got goosebummps when she pointed at the cabinet in the pristine vault and said, "this is 11" That's so amazingly cool.

  • Clay Reyson

     5 days ago

    @6:08 Andrea goes "You break it you buy it" 😂😂

  • DanielCook

     11 days ago

    The second I heard "laminar flow" I immediately felt Destin's stoke levels go through the roof

  • saim fahad

     4 days ago


  • The Wreckoning

     8 days ago

    I'm glad they play with the moon rocks every day. They must be lonely, being separated from the other moon rocks.


     6 days ago

    "stored in a remote location" , guys i think that is partially what area 51 is guarding!

  • yeezy skrt

     2 days ago

    Nobelissimos still gonna die if you go soooo🤷‍♂️

  • McBen87

     5 days ago

    Thank you so very much for your content.Your channel is the best example for what youtube can be, instead all that influencer buy this buy that "stuff".Greetings from Germany!