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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 22, 2018
  • Once again I dove into the comments section to see what medical tv drama you wanted me to review next and it seemed like Dr. House or House M.D. was the next most popular choice. Get ready TV Doctors, because Dr. Mike is coming for you =]

    Full disclosure, I have watched a few episodes of House before but this was probably 10 years ago so I decided to go ahead and start this tv medical drama review off with the first episode ( House MD episode 1 ) of the series. I was really curious to see the difference in watching the show now that I am a licensed doctor. The last time I watched the program I was in high school and knew a tenth of the medical knowledge I know now!

    Honestly, I love this medical tv show series because I think it allows us to laugh at some of the crazy situations Hugh Laurie gets himself into. Plus It gave an interesting look at what life is like as an infectious disease doctor especially one as highly regarded as Dr. House. Obviously, the way that he practices medicine is not realistic or accurate because we don't break into people's homes nor do we treat them without explaining what we are doing. All in all, I think Dr. House is a must watch tv show if you're into medical dramas just for laughs alone.

    I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches House M.D. / Real Doctor Reacts to House M.D. If you want me to continue making this series please like the video and leave me a comment on which show or episode you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!

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  • xtian carello

    xtian carello

     2 hours ago

    USA's pork is cooked well???


  • xtian carello

    xtian carello

     2 hours ago

    Doctor Mike, I don't exactly know how to be a doctor

    but supposedly, you should know and always have in mind that each and every person has a different personality

  • black jecha

    black jecha

     7 hours ago

    This young doctors suffers from some form of MANIA 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.talks too much.I guess he is too intelligent.

  • T. WOLFY

    T. WOLFY

     11 hours ago

    I'm allergic to contrast.. they have to premedicate me. My son and I have Factor Five, alongside my son has Prothrombin deficiency and I have Protien S deficiency, so, we have the CT and MRIs every now and then to be safe. I found out I was allergic to contrast when I was 8 and had to have the epi.but not for the Factor Five, or the protien S, for falling off my swing set and nearly breaking my neck lol But it wasnt super severe. Bc of my blood disorders too, I'm not allowed to use anything with estrogen. And my son is on lovenox shots and keppra twice a day. We found his froma. seizure he had at 8 days old Nov 28th 2019. And was in the childrens hospital in florida for weeks with him. Starting in the NICU.
    Now he does out patient and has his levels checked frequently and has antithrombin infusions as needed in the day hospital. We just relocated to Ohio. But the Childrens hospital here is really good too.

  • richard le

    richard le

     13 hours ago

    House. Has a contract, that he can take any case he wants . And takes cases that all other doctors cant fix.

  • Adriana Raskin

    Adriana Raskin

     16 hours ago

    usually most doc don't wear at all

  • Adriana Raskin

    Adriana Raskin

     16 hours ago

    That is not real

  • 后辈


     19 hours ago

    I've had mri scan before, it's not that bad, then again as a kid I used to hide in cardboard boxes and lockers to scare others.

  • F.B. I.

    F.B. I.

     19 hours ago +2

    Ohhhh nooooo, get her out, epi pen into the upper thigh, quick!”- doctor Mike

  • Stefan P.

    Stefan P.


    13:38 Patient got hooked on them... Tic-Tacs... Lool, I'm dead...

  • Preksha gupta

    Preksha gupta


    Detective Lisbon what happened?!?!?

  • No Way

    No Way


    Critiquing a fantasy TV show LOL how petty

  • Megan Clapham

    Megan Clapham


    The conditions are so wild cause house is head of diagnostics

  • Miri Ilai

    Miri Ilai

     2 days ago +9

    “Medicine is so exciting, why does there have to be sex?”

  • James Howlett

    James Howlett

     2 days ago

    I love House it's great science FICTION where else are you going to get 4-6 doctors (one of them a genius) obsessing over what is ailing you. When I go to my horrible doctors (cause my insurance doesn't let me go any where else) I dream about House!
    My doctors take care of me like the zombie soulless creatures behind the counter at Subway mumbling "Do you want more spinach?"

  • Mad9977 Productions

    Mad9977 Productions

     2 days ago

    House is surely not the guy who goes by the book, as he said it himself he likes to solve puzzles =D

  • deejayxcrypt


     2 days ago

    To the title in the thumbnail:
    How nice of the good doctor. I also kept occasional watch over few houses of my friends back in Christmas so that they could go for a trip and not worry for robbers.

  • Lutor136


     3 days ago

    You should change your name.. For Dr Looser. Please be original.. Critics a lot of... Original a few. Looserrrrrr

  • jessy p

    jessy p

     3 days ago

    You should react to the tvshow "the good doctor"

  • flovast


     3 days ago

    Hey Mike ! If you want to continue on this, there's in fact a lot of episodes that are both interesting and entertaining
    Why not watching the show for yourself and whenever you think an episode is good enough to publish, just do it ? :D
    i'd like to see a full review from you because i always wanted to know how accurate this show is, and how possible is it to be as House (no the behaviour, but the intuition, heavily related to a Sherlock Holmes (i don't say it, the man who create the character said it has been inspired from holmes, between others ofc)
    (i could give you a list, but there's really a lot of them, to the girl with no nervous system, to the psychopath or the serial killer they cure without knowing it... (or any episode house gets crazy!) + The 7th et 8th season seems to have way more budget for the story tellers + Hugh Laurie as producer !)
    I don't i don't need to precise anymore but House is indeed treating only with patient that 1) Called him especially by fame and so paid the hospital for it with donation 2) have seen a lot of others doctors without success before and therefore House is the last to see...
    (If someone like this would exist, imagine ending in his cabinet ? haha)
    A good thing to know is that he looses a lot of patients (mainly because of late discover of the right diagnosis) , we do not see it often, but at some occasion they speak about numbers.

    you're great !
    support from Belgium :D