Top 5 Scariest Things Caught on GoPro Camera

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 1, 2017
  • In this top 5 scary videos countdown, we take a look at the scariest things caught on camera by GoPro.

    Mysterious videos and scary things caught on tape.

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  • Pierson Schools

    Pierson Schools

     3 hours ago

    Did that change is disappearing know where

  • thesebsanimation studio

    thesebsanimation studio

     5 hours ago

    Stand by me
    1:00 traaaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnnn

  • Nemesis


     20 hours ago

    Street Zips hell tunnel videos are a great watch

  • Ryan Roche

    Ryan Roche

     21 hours ago +1

    ‘’Stand by Me” go pro edition.

  • Lagan Greenbank

    Lagan Greenbank


    You saying the first one got 500 dislikes but your videos got 20 k dislikes

  • Truett And Koopa

    Truett And Koopa


    I find it very ironic that the guys in the asylum are thinking what the heck is someone else doing here while the other person may be thinking the same exact thing.

  • Andrew Barker

    Andrew Barker

     2 days ago

    StreetZips is definitely missing some brain cells.... I mean. Jesus H !! 🙈😖

  • Andrés Padilla

    Andrés Padilla

     2 days ago

    Common sense you don't walk into a tunnel like that

  • Lisa Pickle

    Lisa Pickle

     2 days ago

    Bear looked to be a bluff. May have been a mama bear ,the riders looks as if they just happened upon a mama near her cubs. and she was diverting them away. We have bears in East Tn. If this bear wanted you dead, you would be .!!! Period.

  • Shanara Blue

    Shanara Blue

     2 days ago +1

    Did that guys friend shove him to get past when the train was coming threw?



     2 days ago +1

    #1 was the least scary since absolutely nothing happened

  • Sieppi69


     3 days ago

    Saw something move in the dark it was big & black🤔🍆

  • DoLLfACeKiLLa AnGeLiNo

    DoLLfACeKiLLa AnGeLiNo

     3 days ago


  • Десничар


     3 days ago

    The first one, what a bunch of fucking dummies.

  • TheMincraft MonsterSchool

    TheMincraft MonsterSchool

     3 days ago +1

    Me: (goes into tunnel)
    What you should not do: Stay there. Stay there

  • TheDing1701


     4 days ago +5

    Thirteen minutes. And only one minute of semi-interesting content.

  • MsUn PC

    MsUn PC

     5 days ago

    Guys in the narrow tunnel with train tracks?

    I was in the Army. Kevlar helmets are tough stuff.
    About 5 lbs.
    Add that to your ruck sack, M-16(8lbs.) full canteens and an ammo belt and walking 4+ miles in August in 100°+ weather of South Carolina.
    Still not near as rough as where they are.



     5 days ago +1

    1:06 - 1:40
    Looks like the damn train followed Cj and Big Smoke

  • Layla Hassan

    Layla Hassan

     6 days ago

    Wat the hell

  • Daniel Slade

    Daniel Slade

     6 days ago

    You mispronounce things.