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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 5, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/RLKMAh-yGl8


  • Rouhan Ghulam

    Rouhan Ghulam

     an hour ago

    Black man being aggressive against white fat man .

  • Goose Music

    Goose Music

     4 hours ago

    Jj has an ego problem

  • khalil boii

    khalil boii

     4 hours ago

    this fat fuck again?

  • gabriel linus

    gabriel linus

     4 hours ago

    10:04 was the funniest part of the video 😂😂
    Reminded me of that scene in Infinity War after Mantis says "Kick names, take ass"

  • The Exploding Cow

    The Exploding Cow

     11 hours ago

    Don’t hate on Randolph people

  • Jared Merklinger

    Jared Merklinger

     12 hours ago

    11:34 WOAHHHHH that weather forecast is my local forecast danggggg 😂

  • Ethan 10

    Ethan 10

     14 hours ago

    You should of dkne this with harry

  • Oliver Scallon

    Oliver Scallon

     14 hours ago

    For some reason I read randolphs’ Hoodie as “Clinically blind”

  • Unity 107

    Unity 107

     14 hours ago

    When ksi screams and leans into the mic

  • Toons First

    Toons First

     15 hours ago

    7:29-7:31. Just listen carefully. They both moan😂😂

  • Mömmustrákur


     17 hours ago

    whats that beat 0:42

  • GroatMan


     18 hours ago

    Ok i need an explenation. Why in this vid Randolph gets hate but on others he is ok

  • HybridSwifty


     19 hours ago

    Randolph cannot replace deji!
    Like if you remember old ksi and deji

  • DrAg jmacc2016

    DrAg jmacc2016

     19 hours ago

    Whoa the hate to Randolph is unreal haha

  • Nicholas Persaud

    Nicholas Persaud

     19 hours ago

    These two do not work together

  • safiyah shah

    safiyah shah

     21 hours ago

    Idk why
    But I acc hate Randolph.
    No explanation needed.

  • Holly Cleary

    Holly Cleary

     22 hours ago

    Today in class my teacher was moaning at some kids about math and then he said don’t be spending to much time on stupid fortnite and bo4 he also said look at ksi and deji they make millions of £s and they’re very successful I quietly said to my mate deji and ksi are bi*****

  • Panda Fx

    Panda Fx


    Who else seen that empty Jack bottle behind?

  • Stanley _ Official

    Stanley _ Official


    Big Chungus in real life!

  • Zorvurb


     yesterday +2

    Randolph is epic