The Nutcracker and The Four Realms - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 1, 2018
  • We have a new Nutcracker movie....sort of. I'll try to make this massacre short, sweet, and classy. Here's my review of THE NUTCRACKER AND THE FOUR REALMS!

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  • Rage 'N Engage DeltaoneMythic

    Rage 'N Engage DeltaoneMythic


    It wasn't bad... it was just. Rushed... like really rushed. Saw it on Netflix tonight would have liked to see the realms and meet characters within the realms. Give the Nutcracker more meaning to the movie.... The Nutcracker didnt even have a backstory other than being brought to life.... like it was just too fast paced... lol going to see this movie is like going to an art gallery. Its fascinating to see the colors and just be like wow and then you leave 15min later like ok well thats done.

  • Carlo Nassar

    Carlo Nassar

     7 days ago

    This should be more concerning than the remakes they have made.

  • H. S.

    H. S.

     14 days ago

    It was so boring.

  • Alex The Fangirl

    Alex The Fangirl

     14 days ago

    The 1990 nutcracker prince was a lot better than this movie. I didn't hate this movie, but it really wasn't that special. Nor was that nutcracker prince movie I was talking about but it was decent.

  • Matthew Mattiocco

    Matthew Mattiocco

     14 days ago

    This movie is definitely a guilty pleasure for me...

  • onesequoiawolf


     1 months ago

    I see comments from awhile ago in here, today's the first time I've seen it, on netflix. It blows so bad, I was looking to see if reviewers did too. I see I'm not disappointed, lmfao. I almost want to cancel netflix it was so bad......
    What the hell is happening over at Disney. I'm sorry but the live remake of beauty and the beast was pure trash. Then I see this. This isn't the Disney I grew up with.......🤔😯

  • Kerry Kerner

    Kerry Kerner

     1 months ago

    I saw it, but I will say I was lost in its' story and I felt it was too much of a sequal. In fact I thought it was so much so that I looked on YouTube to see if there was a movie before it. The plot was rushed, the story was bland, and the story made no sence AND A LOT OF THE CHARACTERS WEREN'T THE RIGHT CHARACTERS like the sugarplum fairy IS NOT THE VILLIAN the mouse king is, and the mouse king is not a hero. So I thought it was watchable but no where near being actually good

  • 42nd Blaze

    42nd Blaze

     1 months ago

    The Nutcracker movie barely has anything to do with any real nutcracker. And the Mouse King, the main villain, shows up for only a couple of damn scenes

  • Trenton Richmond

    Trenton Richmond

     1 months ago

    2:37 subtle reference to Hot Fuzz?

  • BoosterGoose


     1 months ago

    Saw the movie day one because I'm a ballet addict, and they based this on the ballet and also the original tale I think, and they got Misty Copeland to dance in the movie. There were so many directions in which they could have taken this fantastical idea, however it just did seem hollow. What I was the most disapointed about was that hey didn't end the movie with the music of the Pas de Deux, which I think was a big waste of such a climactic song, and it was literally already there before they immediately replaced it with the introduction song.

  • ManyMonsters Media

    ManyMonsters Media

     2 months ago +1

    I think the movie had potential is the Nutcracker and the young girl had more focus and direction as the main characters and fewer side characters and just knightly's performance was just awful and made an ok film a painful film to watch :v

  • Cyria the girl

    Cyria the girl

     2 months ago

    I was browsing through Netflix and it started playing the bouncing clown scene. Freaked me the fuck out. Gotta watch it now.

  • James Green

    James Green

     2 months ago

    I might have to cut you cause you didnt praise keira Knightley..... and you gave a nod to Mackenzie even though half the time it was obvious she made a face just cause the director said so off camera and later audio........ scrub.

  • Magy09able


     2 months ago

    This movie came out this year , and everyone already forgot about its existence. At least the Barbie adaptation was funny.

  • j h

    j h

     2 months ago

    It was really trippy and beautifully shot

  • metricmine


     2 months ago

    I have no clue what this Nutcracker ballet is and never heard about Nutcracker before watching this movie. I thought nutcracker is one of those things you use to crack the shells of nuts so you can eat the nuts. Anyway, looking at the bad reviews, they seemed to be based on some original Nutcracker and the movie being not what they expected. To me, the movie was good and entertaining. I really don't get what the hate is about.

  • Kass K

    Kass K

     2 months ago +1

    Why does no one like this movie? I actually really liked it amd thought it was cool. I expected more people to like it

  • quinn sumo

    quinn sumo

     3 months ago

    Take a sip of your drink everytime Jeremy says nutcracker

  • TurtliLP


     3 months ago

    Okay, I've watched the movie today and there are some things I want to say about this review:
    There aren't many reasons you give here for the movie not being so great, but I will look at all of them.

    1. The name-giving nutcracker is forgettable.
    I was quite shocked to hear that one since, while not being in the main focus of the movie, the nutcracker appears very often
    and is very relevant to the story in many parts. It's one of the most important character relationships (Clara <-> Philip).

    2. The uncertainty of who this addresses. I think this is partly subjective, because yes, the target group mostly is children, and while there are some
    slightly scarier parts, it's not like it's too much for children to watch. And the goofy parts you mentioned show this perfectly.

    3. You kind of portrayed the movie a bit like being hollow and not a lot of fun to watch. Obviously subjective, so I can barely come and say
    "Well, you DID have fun!", because... makes obviously no sense to say that. But I really enjoyed the movie a lot and loved the music, the
    magical feeling which followed me the whole movie.

    4. And here we come to a problem. The music. The Nutcracker. And with that point, I absolutely agree. From what I heard, there were only
    three times where there was music from the Nutcracker (might have been more, but if, then very subtle) and I really hoped for more
    on that one. It felt not nutcracker-ish, as you already pointed out, and even when there was music from the Nutcracker, it was not very
    long or as mentioned before, rather in the background.

  • Bendy Kirby

    Bendy Kirby

     3 months ago

    The biggest problem with this film is the premise itself. Why the hell are they having this whole war anyway?? It’s never established in the entire film, other than just “they went into after when the queen died”.