Sherp Vs. Mega Trucks Impossible Bounty Hole!!

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 30, 2018
  • I have always wanted to see how the Sherp would do in a full on insane bounty hole competition and I got my chance at the Trucks Gone Wild event at Al Benesocky's Filthy Red Neck Country Club!! Huge shout out to all the awesome competitors that came from far and wide to put on a first class show for the crowd!! And huge shout out to Al and his team for a first class event!! Already can't wait for next year!
    Ps. I was driving a demo as mine is getting a few upgrades! lol
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  • Jaybruhh Wolf

    Jaybruhh Wolf

     2 minutes ago

    *Is this where majority of pollution is coming from? 😶😂*

  • Josenator xD

    Josenator xD

     40 minutes ago

    Muy bueno impresionante

  • Jack Hamilton

    Jack Hamilton

     an hour ago

    Шерп - плавающий на шинах низкого давления (пневмоход)
    Совсем другой класс вездеходов, он не туда заехал
    "Вездеходы Вулкан и Шерп, торф":

  • huss1205


     an hour ago

    You got to give it to the Russians, they know their shit....

  • Liam Smith

    Liam Smith

     3 hours ago

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  • Cris Devil Gamer

    Cris Devil Gamer

     5 hours ago


  • Scroto Bagging

    Scroto Bagging

     6 hours ago

    Them sloppy muddy titties at 2:10

  • михаил пономаренко

    михаил пономаренко

     7 hours ago

    Парень в чистом,залезла чушня!

  • михаил пономаренко

    михаил пономаренко

     7 hours ago

    Реально нагнул пендосов! Браво!

  • михаил пономаренко

    михаил пономаренко

     7 hours ago

    Чем бы пендосы не тешилось, лишь бы стреляли....

  • B Blessed

    B Blessed

     8 hours ago

    You might be a redneck i dont get it sorry driven 40 feet getting stuck then get pulled out ? Id rather drift baja even nascar for gold sakes were ya turn left for hours an people pay to sit there drinking busch ice and listening to lynard skinard all day that my friends i dont get but im sure it tickles someones titties for that my hat is off to ya😉

  • Jr Cornect

    Jr Cornect

     9 hours ago +1

    8plus mill views! lol Good stuff



     9 hours ago

    Ну эт понятно, шерп то строился для таких трасс..

  • Роман Петров

    Роман Петров

     11 hours ago

    Нужно запретить продавать такую технику пиндосам, делать только для себя.

  • Dang Man

    Dang Man

     12 hours ago

    A mud-soaked skank slithers into my Russian dirtmobile... a) It don’t get much hotter than that, b) Perfect metaphor for our times

  • Alexander Poxon

    Alexander Poxon

     12 hours ago

    I love America

  • Peter Mello

    Peter Mello

     14 hours ago

    The sherp flexing with out even having to flex

  • Rhodium 10

    Rhodium 10

     14 hours ago

    Also Russian Shaman 8x8 vehicle can do it like Sherp

  • Ajaxaxxess


     15 hours ago

    gun to a knife fight!

  • Conrad Sealy

    Conrad Sealy

     15 hours ago

    Ive said it before and I will say it again. When the pavement ends the simplest design works the best.