Live Developer Q&A w/ Ion Hazzikostas- March 21

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 22, 2019
  • In this Q&A we sat down with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas to answer your ongoing Battle for Azeroth questions.
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  • Wild Open

    Wild Open

     5 months ago +385

    So they're saying that having a clear end goal considering gear, you know, getting your set, feeling good about getting your bis, is bad because then you don't have anything to work towards anymore? Wtf is this reasoning? NOT having this end goal makes every single piece of gear meaningless, as you're just gonna replace it with something minorly better. You removed all the satisfaction from getting gear! It felt GOOD to finish gearing your character.
    They're so disconnected from the reasons why people play, or played wow it's mind boggling.

  • Steven Hartshorn

    Steven Hartshorn

     5 months ago +846

    P V P V E N D O R S

  • omar sameh

    omar sameh

     5 months ago +103

    ion son : dad i want to have fun :'(
    ion : ok let me check the data then

  • Clownzoo


     5 months ago +510

    Bring back vendors please !! no one cares when they get gear now because it will just be replaced by a 5 ilvl piece in 3 days time. there is no reward or pride in the gear we get. We dont get to window shop for gear and plan our gearing path. 0 choice 0 fun

  • Defias Pillager

    Defias Pillager

     5 months ago +201

    Do you guys not have fun?

  • MrZurata


     4 months ago +82

    This mindset of "the game was never actually good and we've been fixing it" is nonsense. You had a good formula. There's a reason this game had millions of subs at one point and there's a reason all your videos get downvote bombed now. You're attempting things that aren't broken and you're the one's who end up breaking them.
    The pure arrogance is astounding.

  • sneckan


     5 months ago +357

    You guys should do a Q&A only focusing on classes/specs and their design. Weird that it's basically never adressed.

  • Ale De Jesus

    Ale De Jesus

     5 months ago +120

    If we know straight up that we're never gonna ever stop gearing, thats not fun. we need to actually RECIEVE that feeling of accomplishment for a bit before we go back to gearing. nobody wants a non stop gear train

  • Hugo Martins

    Hugo Martins

     5 months ago +168

    I have played World of Warcraft since launch. I played Battle for Azeroth since it was released. Ever since the implementation of Warfronts and the quest you get them on a semi weekly basis I've been trying to collect the full epic plate set. Now, I have 3 plate users doing that quest every time it pops up. Every. Single. Time. Since the release of BfA. And I'm still missing the helmet, the chestpiece and the shoulders. Let that just sink in. Month after month of repeated warfront runs. Just to try to collect a transmog set. A single transmog set. Something that could easily be solved with a vendor, if the bloody quest provided a token that you could then redeem for a piece of the set you wanted. How hard would that be to implement?

  • Nexius


     5 months ago +101

    The game has turned into World of Diablo. Oversimplified toolkits and unending RNG. Wish the game would go back to MOP or previous expansions, but that's clearly not going to happen.

  • Amplify Magic

    Amplify Magic

     5 months ago +204

    I can’t believe the most hyped thing for me is hide chest feature.

  • Puskaryssä FIN

    Puskaryssä FIN

     5 months ago +57

    I guess PvP vendors are TOO HARD TO YOU to add in game.

  • MrTalindor


     5 months ago +98

    1. PVP Vendors
    2. PVP Servers
    3. No sharding
    4. I might play again.
    Make Blizzard Great again, Ditch Activision.

  • Joseph Szilagyi

    Joseph Szilagyi

     5 months ago +132

    We called it a ding! Not a sploosh lol

  • Wolfe Fumblepaw

    Wolfe Fumblepaw

     5 months ago +10

    The biggest bullshitter of Blizzard and his poodle had a an hour of fun again.

  • Neffy warcraft king

    Neffy warcraft king

     5 months ago +172

    Give us PvP vendors already and also fix our classes we've been waiting for so long

  • Boozie 77

    Boozie 77

     5 months ago +138

    This is so depressing. The game is never going to be great again. They are so concerned with trying to make everyone happy that ultimately no one is. Except the super diehards that will play until death or the servers shutdown.
    Ion knows what has went wrong with WoW. The problem Blizzard has is if they make the necessary changes to get the game back to the Vanilla/BC/Mid Wrath design philosophy they risk alienating players that like the way things are now with no guarantees that the millions that have left over the years will come back.

  • Bullet Hell Battler

    Bullet Hell Battler

     4 months ago +47

    Ion's son: Dad I really don't like water
    Ion: Well according to the data you do it multiple times a day, by my metrics you must be doing that because you find it fun enough to keep doing it.

  • Alexaeus


     5 months ago +241

    Yeah, no important questions were answered here. AGAIN.

  • Dularr


     5 months ago +120

    got my popcorn and waiting for the comments.