Señorita Parody Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - WRONG TWIN - Merrell Twins

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 9, 2019
  • We did a parody to Señorita by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello. As identical twins people call us the WRONG TWIN all the time! Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL HERE ▶ JOIN VERY IMPORTANT POTATOES ▶ TWINS MERCH ▶ TO AARON ▶ CHARLIE DePEW ▶ COLE TERRAZAS ▶ VIDEOS7 RINGS PARODY BOAT RACE: BOARD GAME FIRST DATE BREAK UP DETECTOR TEST USINSTAGRAMñorita#Parody#MerrellTwins#musicvideoProduced and Directed by:Veronica Merrell, Vanessa Merrell, Paul Merrell
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  • merrelltwins

     11 days ago

    If you met us in person would you be able to tell us apart? :)

  • Liz

     3 days ago

    Omg definitely!! You guys look really different to me.

  • Jaszlyn Rosales

     3 days ago

    merrelltwins I can tell you guys apart already

  • Lazyron Studios

     11 days ago

    I never get you guys mixed up...right? 😅

  • Hima Boby

     5 minutes ago

    Lazyron Studios hi

  • Hearing Tablet3

     7 hours ago

    Was this scripted and btw is alex filming a new vid wait i got a notification

  • Cassandra Mendez

     4 days ago

    Floor, bed, couch, chair, table, toilet, and pillows are lava54321Like if you were to lazy to move

  • Pugicorn 890

     3 minutes ago

    Jokes on you I’m on a waterslide

  • A sad Yet lonely potato

     11 minutes ago

    I sat on my beanbag

  • Dawood Khan

     5 days ago

    WHO SHIPS AARON AND VERONICA???Like if you do👇🏻

  • Dorothy Bear

     7 hours ago

    They are together

  • Dawood Khan

     11 hours ago

    I don’t think so their just friends

  • Maliyah McCabe

     2 days ago

    When Aaron first shows up and smirks I literally screamed bloody murder

  • Samantha Nagai

     3 days ago

    Who else laughed so hard when Aaron said, "wait.... Vanessa!"

  • Ava the panda-game

     3 hours ago


  • norbert bahati



  • just x naomi

     11 days ago

    let’s play a game ;)girls keep the likes even.boys keeps the likes odd.may the battle begin.edit: okay, so sorry that y’all couldn’t see the last digit of the number anymore so I’ve decided to change the likes to, let the battle (again) begin.

  • Ange and Jazzy 9

     5 minutes ago

    just x naomi girl

  • Maheen Malik

     8 minutes ago

    @Dtg Treviño girl

  • Sophia D

     4 days ago

    Who do you like better?Like=VeronicaComment=Vanessa (I love both)

  • Fredelyn de Borja

     an hour ago

    I did both

  • Rodney Forbes

     an hour ago


  • Aloha S

     4 days ago

    Shawn and Camilla “we’re just friends”Aaron and Roni “we’re just friendslJames Charles “I’m straight”Shane Dawson “I’m straight”

  • Bethany Melendez

     9 hours ago

    Aloha S and don’t forget about Brent and Eva

  • Quynh-Anh Nguyen


    Random With Zoe actually they did in a lot of vlogs and stuff

  • Alex Romero

     4 days ago

    I can tell you guys apart😏😄😍😍😘😗Vanessa and Veronica I love your videos and I also WITHERED I I had a twin sisterAnd I WISH I HAD A TWIN SISTER😍😍😘😗😘😗

  • Leisile Gamer

     18 hours ago

    Don't, it's not fun whatsoever...