15 Classic WoW Mechanics we KNOW will be Different from Private Servers

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 8, 2019
  • Classic WoW and private servers are different. Here are 15 or so Classic WoW features and mechanics we know will be different from private servers. SUPPORT THE CHANNEL!https://www.patreon.com/tipsoutbabyCATCH ME LIVE!https://www.twitch.tv/tipsoutbabyJOIN OUR COMMUNITY!https://discord.gg/tipsoutbabyhttps://twitter.com/tipsoutbaby
  • Source: https://youtu.be/RYepdsfid4w


  • Tips Out

    Tips Out

     5 months ago +344

    I can't wait to see the new meta that will develop in Classic!

  • MrJamedawg


     5 months ago +448

    Seriously... stop apologizing for "rambling" or "videos taking too long" especially if its about stuff we wanna hear about... thank you

  • lollerdin


     yesterday +1

    Blizzard, They told they lost the source code , hows that story now?

  • 40 Plus Gaming

    40 Plus Gaming


    Private Server players are going to be shocked once they start playing 'real' Vanilla.

  • Stranger


     2 months ago +44

    You sure as shit couldn't stack Expose Armor with Sunder Armor in Vanilla. You're telling me private server devs didn't know that?

  • bebechaman


     5 months ago +358

    the video is dragging on?!?!? I could watch wow content for hours

  • Рублев Дмитрий

    Рублев Дмитрий

     21 hours ago +1

    Black Lotus was on 1 hour cooldownd. 4 zones, 10 possible res points per zone, only 1 spawn per zone available at any time. So its 4 spawns per 1 hour on a server. Early TBC info, i used to farm my epic flying by crafting and selling spd flask. Dont know if it was changed from vanilla to tbc/

  • Sephrinx


     5 months ago +265

    My god I'm so damn ready for classic.

  • Steve Witham

    Steve Witham

     2 days ago

    How is the armor reduction thing even a question, it was WIDELY known rogues couldn't expose armor on a mob or the warriors wouldn't be able to sunder and would loose aggro.

  • Ryan Thosgard

    Ryan Thosgard

     5 months ago +48

    Played a raid rogue in vanilla, i was never allowed to use expose armor as the warrior could not sunder armor on the bosses if i 5 combo'ed him prior to the tanking getting 3 stacks up it would hose him.

  • Gareth P

    Gareth P

     5 months ago +3

    My favourite video of yours. Reignited some hope that the raids won’t be a cake walk. Keep up the good work.

  • Halobravo JJ

    Halobravo JJ

     5 months ago +46

    Good video lots of cool info. Bit of a pet peeve of mine is YouTube creators who talk about videos being too long. So many of them do it and it drives me nuts. As long as your not repeating yourself, being long winded, or giving pointless information then the video length shouldn't matter. It's up to you to put in all the interesting and relevant information and cut out the fat or do retakes when you ramble.
    If an individual video is too long for your tastes you could chop it up into multiple parts but just give the info you want to give in a well thought-out manner. We are classic players if you really think we arn't use to spending insane amounts of time doing things your wrong. If I can sit and watch a ClassicCast for 3 hours I can sit here for 30 mins learning cool shit about vanilla.
    Don't treat us the way blizzard does, thinking we are stupid and have attention spans of a goldfish.

  • Vincent Schumaker

    Vincent Schumaker

     5 months ago +76

    Black Lotus had an interesting mechanic in retail, which I don't believe has been emulated on any private servers. Basically, if all the nodes in the world were picked within the 2h spawn period, an additional node would spawn in a random dreamfoil node. I clearly remember picking my first Black Lotus on my vanilla retail server in Un'Goro, which would never happen on any private server.

  • DPadGamer


     5 months ago +12

    Saw you post this over in the discord. Interesting topic, looking forward to watching the whole thing :)

  • MustaOmena


     5 months ago +2

    1:26 Tips Out says "Lets get started with this 18 Classic WoW mechanics we know will be changed from privates server"

  • cherriagana


     2 days ago

    ooo black lotus, how i remember your farming.
    1Hour AV queu's so queu for AV, go to winterspring for the node under the hill, pop av queu, get tp'd back to IF after popping and repeat.

  • elxokas


     5 months ago +2

    what a great video tips! Thank you bro!

  • FullCanoe


     7 days ago +1

    Bottom line: Classic is going to suck!
    I like it!

  • cipherrrr


     5 months ago +448

    This video is fucking amazing Tips. THIS is unique content. And its exactly the kind of thing the community is interested in. Thanks for researching this. DAMN after all these changes, it seems Classic is going to overall be HARDER than Private Servers. I can't wait!

  • Exocrime


     2 months ago +6

    firerocs had a stun ability. first hit was almost everytime a stun for 2-3 sec.
    the honor system was not really understandable back then.