15 Classic WoW Mechanics we KNOW will be Different from Private Servers

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 8, 2019
  • Classic WoW and private servers are different. Here are 15 or so Classic WoW features and mechanics we know will be different from private servers.



  • Source: https://youtu.be/RYepdsfid4w


  • Tips Out

    Tips Out

     9 months ago +352

    I can't wait to see the new meta that will develop in Classic!

  • Arni XVII

    Arni XVII

     a months ago

    turns out the onyxia buff is 6h cd

  • Noob Dave

    Noob Dave

     a months ago

    I think its hilarious how many people blindly take in information and get all excited for no reason. "Vanilla was so hard man private servers have it totally wrong." people are clearing molten core at lvl 55 in green gear! If you come to vanilla hoping for challenging content then you're going to be disappointed. Vanilla is significantly better than modern expansions of wow for many reasons, but its not nearly as challenging as far as raid content goes. Most of the challenge comes from the shear amount of hours you need to put into vanilla just to even hit max level, or obtain consumables for raid time. The raid itself is easy.

  • califax007


     2 months ago

    HoJ sucks on classic wow especially PVE was prob to good in private servers because they didnt know how proc works on that trinket

  • chris jones

    chris jones

     2 months ago

    Seems like 600 people arnt happy to find out what version of the game they were playing

  • v44rgtuy0l3


     3 months ago

    expose armor and sunder always competed.

  • Rosen Kostov

    Rosen Kostov

     3 months ago

    Already said it under several other videos, so I'll mention it here as well:

    Melee range leeway. Coming from someone who already has a couple of warriors on Classic and who has played warrior on private servers for years:

    On private servers you can trade blow for blow with warriors, shamans, hunters etc. by slowing the mob and then kiting it in between your swing timer. On Classic the melee range leeway, which also applied to mobs, is something like 8-10 yards, which completely changes how "Hamstring kiting" (as it's the most popular) is done. Instead of running in, meleeing, running out, players have to keep the mob at max range at all times, step in for a melee attack, then keep running. This takes an enormous amount of space and makes Hamstring kiting in Classic VERY inefficient and annoying, compared to how it works on private servers, and overall just not worth it.

    Also, triggering Blood Craze and Enrage with /sit. But I guess we all knew this wasn't going to work anyway...

    The takeaway is - level as Arms, put those 2/5 in Deflection and just face the mob. Only resort to Hamstring kiting when the mob is hard and when there are no hostile mobs anywhere near.

  • blud work

    blud work

     3 months ago

    this aged well

  • Acid


     3 months ago

    BG's were not available since the beginning, they were introduced in the later patchs
    . If im not mistaken the first one to come out was Alterac Valley.

  • D.


     3 months ago +1

    THANK YOU! I have been saying for YEARS that the perception that Classic wasn't as hard as people remembered was inaccurate and is actually due to the fact that P-server mechanics are incorrect and make the game easier than it was. I've constantly been told I was wrong and just remembering incorrectly and vanilla was only harder because players then "sucked" etc. Thank you for validating at least SOME of what I've been saying! Gained a sub.

  • Ray Brown

    Ray Brown

     3 months ago

    IMHO - You are a private server hack. Every time you use the words, "nobody knows how much, blah, blah, blah" I thought to myself, "Yeah they did. They are called the Blizzard developers. The private servers just made it easier so they could keep private server players happy. Did you really find it interesting or odd that server-wider buffs were not normally up 24/7?

  • d4rkside84


     3 months ago

    i hope i can farm dire maul with my hunter :D

  • Adam Ashley

    Adam Ashley

     3 months ago +2

    You could not stack sunder armor, faerie fire, and expose armor in vanilla.

  • Bugumir


     3 months ago +5

    Basically, seems it's better to go into classic with no knowledge at all than knowledge from private servers. Good for me.

  • Scribble Soothe

    Scribble Soothe

     3 months ago

    I cannot wait; some people are in for rude awakening to how much harder it was...not only that, add you in that there were less strategy guides written or even video captured....mwahaha! Welcome to World of Warcraft!

  • Dustin Wilson

    Dustin Wilson

     3 months ago +1

    Private server guilds are gonna implode when they can't exploit world buffs lol...

  • Gazza M

    Gazza M

     3 months ago


  • Gazza M

    Gazza M

     3 months ago

    Boo hoo. who cares!!

  • HL


     3 months ago

    I can actually see a large number of people getting banned again when classic launches unless blizz have fixed / nerfed a lot of the stuff you could originally exploit. T&C are very explicit when it comes to exploiting and they used to hand out perma bans with regularity. I just hope by launch the tribute runs etc etc have all been fixed or heavily nerfed making it worthless to try. The vanilla wow was the hot bed of gold sellers and pretty much those gold sellers owned the auction houses with the shear number of same items on sale at the same time or the best items. There is also way to much tilt towards the horde in av but pretty much every alliance player knew they where up against it even before entering the valley... way too many bad memories. only redeeming thing was the great realm communities.

  • Ana Castellano

    Ana Castellano

     3 months ago +1

    I already know vanilla players will start crying and get blizzard to change things. They will cry about things like black lotus. The game will be ruined just like it was back in the day.