What Is The Best Summerslam Moment?

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 9, 2019
  • The WhatCulture staff are back with what they think is the best Summerslam moment ever!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/RYx59yYiK6M


  • WhatCulture Wrestling

    WhatCulture Wrestling

     1 months ago +10

    Come back at 2pm BST, 9am EST and chat with us as we talk about our favourite SummerSlam moments ever. What is yours?

  • Baveshen Pillay

    Baveshen Pillay

     28 days ago +1

    I can't Believe no one said Jeff Hardy's Swanton on CM Punk or the Three way TLC match between The Hardyz, Edge & Christian and The Dudleyz.

    Those were mine btw.

  • Trenton Dyer

    Trenton Dyer

     1 months ago

    The reason Shawn did the over selling was they both agreed to do a series of matches and hulk gets the 1st victory. Then hulk pulled the " that doesn't work for me brother" card and wanted to do 1 match.

  • Hmpppf


     1 months ago

    RUN THE JEWELS cuck thinks using 16 Germans and 2 F5's to beat Cena when all I see is Cena being a beast needing that many moves to be put away.

  • commeadows


     1 months ago

    TL Hopper recreating the pool scene from "Caddyshack" Summer Slam '96

  • Brandon Workman

    Brandon Workman

     1 months ago

    Did he just say wrestling is stupid smh

  • daveincredible 24

    daveincredible 24

     1 months ago

    Summerslam 92. Bulldog vs Bret. Best match ever.

  • Jason movieman

    Jason movieman

     1 months ago

    Heart break kids academy award winning performance

  • Scott Beckett

    Scott Beckett

     1 months ago

    I think I've heard the opening music in a porno. Lol

  • S. Wright

    S. Wright

     1 months ago

    Benoit vs Rvd

  • CyberShiroGX


     1 months ago +1

    The Rock vs Brock Lesnar... Was the change of the era for me

  • D. I. D GK

    D. I. D GK

     1 months ago

    Punk Vs Hardy

  • Multiple Sclerosis Reveals w/Donovan

    Multiple Sclerosis Reveals w/Donovan

     1 months ago

    Omg Brock Lesnar was the original cause of sharknado

  • Manas Kumar Giri

    Manas Kumar Giri

     1 months ago

    Summerslam 2008 Batista 🥶vs John cena🥳

  • Christopher Gutierrez

    Christopher Gutierrez

     1 months ago

    John Cena getting taken to suplex city curtesy of Brock Lesnar

  • armando sagrero

    armando sagrero

     1 months ago

    What Culture WWE.... My favorite moment SummerSlam 1990 because it was my first WWF/WWE experience... My cousin brought a video of SummerSlam 90 and Survivor Series 90 and the rest is history.

  • Darkdogfilms4life


     1 months ago


  • Jacob Dumont

    Jacob Dumont

     1 months ago

    Clery's my favorite

  • Rory McDonough

    Rory McDonough

     1 months ago

    Everyone one hated JBL I stopped watching wrestling coz of him. That's how much I hated him, now I realise how good of a heel he was haha I missed so much wrestling coz of him edge run, cmpunk, Daniel Bryan, shield missed the lot coz I hated JBL so much

  • boils


     1 months ago

    Its Rick Rude v Ultimate Warrior 1989/ Listen to the commentary, just listen to Rick....summerlsam sweat hogs