Xbox Project Scarlett Console Announcement | Microsoft Xbox E3 2019

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
  • This is our first look at the next generation Xbox Console: Project Scarlett.

    120 fps, 8k gaming. And it launches with Halo.

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  • Asher Nichols

    Asher Nichols

     2 days ago

    Why is this the exact same as the ps5

  • Chips beans

    Chips beans

     2 days ago

    Bet you still have to wait 10 hours to download a game

  • C Guzz

    C Guzz

     4 days ago

    2 things:
    1 - Provide a charger pad for a controller with NO BATTERIES, I'm tired of ps4 players telling me they're going to "rip my batteries out."
    2 - V.R.
    All you need to do.

  • Hardcore Gamer

    Hardcore Gamer

     4 days ago

    No more loading screen
    Crysis 1 remastered:Hold my Korean

  • ZiK


     4 days ago

    There is no real info here beside the SSD. They focus so much on it it seems that it will be the most important feature.
    "up to 120fps" - I can say my GTX1080Ti can do up to 2000fps in Quake 1
    "4 times faster" - later they say its 40% faster
    "ray tracing" - SURE xD
    "variable refresh rate" - I wonder how they will do this with TVs?

    Also, I don't believe these people that promote this console. Maybe the RPG girl looks like a gamer a bit.
    Well.. we ill see.

  • iamthareale


     6 days ago

    What happens when they make the project Scarlett 2 it's gonna be the PS2?

  • American Aviation

    American Aviation

     7 days ago

    The Future Of Gaming...

    Only At $15999999999999 dollars

  • Señor Ben Chang

    Señor Ben Chang

     7 days ago

    120 fps.. finally consoles can do this

  • Señor Ben Chang

    Señor Ben Chang

     7 days ago

    I had a 360 and a ps4, will be a tough choice. i love both, but ps4 had better exclusives. i hate exclusives

  • XD Dvd

    XD Dvd

     7 days ago +1

    “We heard you a console should be designed”
    Well you fucked yourself there with asymmetrical joysticks. Wonder what your gonna fuck up next, the arrows and letters gonna move places now or??

  • HanchoPOW


     7 days ago +1

    "The combination of the SSD and the Solid state drive is amazing" They are the same thing!!!

  • Crayza


     7 days ago

    The future basically no loading screens

  • Ashley Moom

    Ashley Moom

     7 days ago

    " no more loading screen "

    GTA V: hold my guns

  • Ather Elfarra

    Ather Elfarra

     7 days ago +1

    2:55 WHAT?!

  • tingting 2

    tingting 2

     7 days ago

    Please no more batteries

  • Waiting till the world ends

    Waiting till the world ends

     14 days ago

    Kid: gets Xbox one x
    Xbox: Xbox scarlet is 4x greater than Xbox one x
    Kid: bruh I just got this

  • L B

    L B

     14 days ago

    4x the Xbox One = $2k Xbox Scarlett?

  • Nokou


     14 days ago

    will this be another flop like the xbox one or will it beat sony and nintendo... will there be more than 3 exclusives unlike the xbox one.. and please god no more effin halo... then maybe just maybe i'll buy one. one last thing please microsoft no more bricks... every xbox looks like something you would build a wall with

  • Zachary Djelouah

    Zachary Djelouah

     14 days ago

    No loading screen?
    RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2: Hold my cigarette and beef

  • BenJCV


     14 days ago

    I feel like the Xbox team are just a bunch of goofs finding out about the most ordinary pc parts that have been out for so long now, like SSD’s