Brightburn - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 23, 2019
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    Chris Stuckmann reviews Brightburn, starring Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, Jackson A. Dunn, Matt Jones, Meredith Hagner. Directed by David Yarovesky.
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  • Jameel Ja

    Jameel Ja

     23 hours ago

    I don't know why this movie got so many bad reviews. I thought it was good.

  • dennis gicho

    dennis gicho


    In the first 30 mins, i felt the plot was rushed. I got slightly annoyed by that. But midway through the movie i got engaged in it. In the end it was good. I don't see a Brightburn 2 happening, coz what is it going to be about?

  • Ragnar-USA


     2 days ago

    Just get rid off the ship and don't bury it under your feet .

  • K EL

    K EL

     3 days ago

    The evil super villain in the movie is the equivalent of DC Ultraman, who is an alternate universe evil clone of Superman. In Brightburn evil superman is a 12 year old kid who kills his victims horror film style using all the powers that superman has. It was pretty good.

  • Spencer Dean

    Spencer Dean

     3 days ago

    hes obviously the kid from Metal Gear: phantom pain

  • cliffedward


     4 days ago

    The way it ended makes me wonder if there'll be more.

  • Dunston


     5 days ago

    There was no way they could have kept it quiet that he was an alien

  • roguepilot14


     5 days ago

    Brightburn and Midnight Special should have been one movie.

  • VictoriaWasHere :)

    VictoriaWasHere :)

     5 days ago

    Honestly I thought the mom was kinda dumb, she let him get away with many serious implications, not to mention her just disregarding the fact that he flung the dad right in front of her. so I did not relate to her struggle.

  • RageQuitProductions


     6 days ago

    I got tired cause the movie had 2300 scenes were a character sees Brandon, then the camera slowly moves, then goes back but OMG BRANDON ISNT THERE ANYMORE. It was ok the first 1000 times, but later on I was like yeah ok turn the camera back to see that he is gone so we can move already.

  • s Ring

    s Ring

     7 days ago

    Do a clockwork orange next

  • Backwoods Films

    Backwoods Films

     7 days ago


    Overall I thought the movie was really good, although there were a couple of scenes where people hear noises in the dark and mutter lines like, "who's there?" or "Is that you, _____?" that were really cliche and overused in horror films. What I liked the most is that the movie didn't have the typical Hollywood ending, where the protagonist (Elizabeth Banks) kills the evil force (although it's set up to look like she might). That last scene with her falling through the night sky was really powerful, and I agree with Chris that this movie looked like it was made with a MUCH bigger budget than the $7 million he mentions.

  • Hedwig


     7 days ago

    Oh my shit. Condemn it already coward. You know you didn’t like it.

  • Hedwig


     7 days ago

    If you liked this shit of a movie it is my duty to hunt you down and murder you.

  • Bill DelFera

    Bill DelFera

     7 days ago

    When homeboys jaw was hanging off his head....i officially liked this film...says alot about me as a person I guess lol

  • Zachary Clements

    Zachary Clements

     7 days ago

    I liked this movie mm ore than I thought I would. it had holes in the character development and a few other issues but really nailed what it did follow up on.

  • derek l

    derek l

     7 days ago

    This movie was disappointing for how hyped up it was, just seemed like a very lazy plot that relied entirely on it's graphic killings...also Elizabeth Banks' performance was so generic and laughable at times, probably due to lazy writing..I'd give it a C+

  • Marquis Berry

    Marquis Berry

     7 days ago

    Let this review play in the background. For the first 30’s I thought he was reading SuperMan origin story.

  • RobRIPDG


     7 days ago

    I got really excited cause I thought you'd find out it was a meteor shower, then at the end there's more than one super boy. I didn't want a man of steel punch on but a much faster vicious kid punch on haha

  • the x is xilent

    the x is xilent

     7 days ago

    Am I the only person who found this movie really fuckin boring