Brightburn - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 23, 2019
  • Patreon: Stuckmann reviews Brightburn, starring Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, Jackson A. Dunn, Matt Jones, Meredith Hagner. Directed by David Yarovesky.
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  • Definitely Not A Bot

     1 months ago

    Can we get a child God:NahSatan:I gotchu fam

  • Summoned Skull

     23 hours ago

    @Ihihnhihn Uh ugbuhbuhbuhb Educated people aren't allowed to speak improperly, I guess.

  • Chunky Custard

     9 days ago

    Definitely Not A Bot not original

  • Maddox Jackson

     1 months ago

    We Need To Talk About Superman (2019)

  • the batman


    @Always Saying Basically it was shit

  • Always Saying Basically

     6 days ago

    Shultz Ey We Need To Talk About Kevin was a good movie. It’s okay if you didn’t like it but it was good and Ezra Miller did a good job.

  • Tony Rivera

     23 days ago

    plot twist kryptonite makes him stronger, broccoli kills him.

  • New World Disorder

     13 hours ago

    They literally call broccoli a super food though.

  • Matthew Crane

     9 days ago

    Lmao seen this comment already

  • Poppy Fields

     a months ago

    I loved this movie in every way. It messed with my head and was so creepy and creative. The acting was superb and there was the right amount of gore - nothing too gratuitous. A+ from me!

  • Mac Giveyouflak


    holy crap ! yer not kidding!

  • Tammy Brown

     12 days ago

    It was pretty good!

  • vladroxyoursox

     26 days ago

    Unfortunately I don’t think that at any point they could have hid the fact that he was an alien cause the whole hook was evil superman

  • talha khan

     1 months ago

    "two parents grateful to have a child but slowly realizing it was a big mistake"....i didn't ask to be attacked like this chris :(

  • hernan perez

     10 days ago

    @tbirum you have to much free time but you do you!

  • Ha Ha

     21 days ago

    Username Grrr, u makeeka milerenial angerrrreyy!! 😡😡😡😡😡

  • Atomic Phantom

     29 days ago

    So basically a Saiyan in a Kryptonian body

  • Dennis Willemsens


    at the end you see marvel studios. what have marvels studios to do with this movie

  • Genius Idiot

     26 days ago

    Mecklenburg Falldini Yeah, I try to be as unbiased as possible. Cheers.

  • JNuTZ DB

     25 days ago

    He acts good, but kid was clearly LYING. Good job on the kid for acting like he’s lying lol

  • NicosoftNT

     19 days ago

    @BRYCE Lying is somewhat near the context of acting, but it's far from being in its nature. The nature of acting is bringing alive something else, like art. Pretending is essentially something that is fake, but that's also far from lying. So, answering to your question, acting like you're lying is not the same as telling the truth, it's... bad acting haha. But I love what you did there. Anyway, when I'm acting, I just try to replace myself with someone else, it's just my method, but I'm far from being ...


     19 days ago

    If you’re acting like you’re lying , are you telling the truth? Technically acting is pretending which in its nature is lying. So, lying that you’re lying is telling the truth right?

  • BIGGAV1 79

     24 days ago

    I think his motivation is quite clear, he was sent there to take over the earth. It was pretty obvious that his ship was communicating to him that his was sent there for a specific reason, but the crash landing delayed that message. Meanwhile his parents raised him to be good but his "programming" eventually took over.

  • Cyba IT


    I think the ship programed to wait until he got old enough (his 12th birthday) before turning him into the world destroyer

  • Banraku M

     9 days ago

    but still does not explain his motivation, that narrative would explain his mission not what drives him,... if he was sent to kill everybody on Earth without the guidelines on how to do so it would make him a machine without motivation just a weapon to destroy stuff without any motivation as 2 why he does what he does.

  • Naturenerd1000

     27 days ago

    The Villian was pure evil. No redeeming the boy at all. This universe really needs a hero to counteract evil. Solid movie though gory. The one property Marvel or DC couldn't get their hands on.

  • kafaya77


    @maximumrisk2004 when the mom tried to get rid of the kid it was after he was proven to be hurting and killing people. she had to try to stop him before he hurt more. she made the right decision.

  • Mysterious Figure


    Not every story needs a hero, open your fictional world view.