Schumer: Trump walked out of meeting after Pelosi said no to border wall

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
  • Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) talk to reporters after meeting with President Donald Trump about a deal to end the partial shutdown of the federal government. Schumer told reporters that President Donald Trump walked out of the meeting after Pelosi said she wouldn't support funding a border wall. #shutdown #schumer #CNN #News
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  • d bo

    d bo

     54 minutes ago

    Idiot chuck and idiot nancy voted yes to border wall in 2006. Magically now they dont want. Idiots

  • Rlinda mcfarlane

    Rlinda mcfarlane

     an hour ago


  • Rlinda mcfarlane

    Rlinda mcfarlane

     an hour ago


  • Matthew Thomas

    Matthew Thomas

     an hour ago

    The world is watching and laughing at our government. Nasty Polosi and cryin Chuck Schumer are an embarrassment. They're a threat to national security.

  • shure46


     an hour ago +1

    you say the government shutdown is a crisis , but tons of heroin cocaine and meth along with countless mexican mafioso violent gang thugs flooding across our border is NOT a crisis ???? America is PLAGUED by hard drugs flooding across that border , and you assholes keep focusing on the government shutdown trying to blame Trump .... Pull your heads out of your asses and Build the damn wall , and the government opens immediately ..... You damn fools need to wake up to that border crisis that is wreaking havoc in America ... It's 100 times worse than 9/11 , hell a thousand times worse ..... and you pigs call it a "manufactured crisis" ??? How dare you scumbags hold an office in American Leadership , you should resign in shame immediately ... I have never seen a more crooked rotten bunch as I see today from these leftist idiots

  • david williams

    david williams

     an hour ago

    These Democrat/RINO purveyors of "denial," with "their "phony polls," and "phony lies," and "Fake News" media are sickening! If you are not a pedophile, pervert, drug dealer, criminal gang member, or invading illegal, you have to love our President for what he has taken on. The international Luciferian Human Trafficking cabal and Mexican Mafia that are operating in our country, have painted a target on his back for his efforts to end the misery of human trafficking and drug addiction in the United States.. President Trump's courage is admirable and worthy of our emulation. The Democrats, RINO's and their "Fake News" media are "self evident traitors," to our President, our People and our Constitution.... Just look at their voting records! They obstruct and stonewall our President's constitutionally mandated reinforcement and security of the sovereign borders of our nation that are being overrun, revealing that they care far more about political power and their own "globalist pandering," "self-interests!" "Treasonously," they disregard the safety of the American people dying from their Soros and taxpayer funded, "Open Societies Foundation," treasonous insanity!" They refuse 5 billion for the border wall, while they outlandishly spend 278 billion a year on violating immigration law, and another 238 billion on opiate and fentanyl addiction supplied through our southern border. Illegal Drug cartel criminals, human traffickers and terrorists are allowed to flow steadily across our porous, unsecured, southern perimeter into growing illegal, Democrat/RINO controlled, "sanctuary cities," like Chicago, Baltimore, and San Francisco where their gangs peddle death dealing drugs, and murder innocent citizens like you, while defecating in our streets. . .Time to shut it down! Marshall law may be needed, but its time to take back control of our borders, time to end the human suffering, and the Democrat/RINO globalist corruption in our government and expunge their Pedophiles and "Deep State" traitors!..Time to Demand Voter identification and end the Democrat/RINO unauthorized illegal voter base they are using to influence and control the outcome of our elections! The necessity to stop their "Voter Fraud," is long overdue! "Most of All," We need to Support and pray for our President! President Trump is fighting courageously and risking his own life for our future, our sovereignty, the security of our children, and of our people! "No matter what political party you identify with," Its time we unite to support President Trump in his mission to"secure our borders," "drain the swamp," and "Make America Great Again!" BTW While you are on here, have you ever taken notice of the fact that when you go on youtube and click on a site spreading globalist leftist propaganda, and attacking our President, that the majority have the comments section disabled? It is so that no one can dispute their lies against our President and our people, while they commit treason against us!...The Leftist, "drive-by," "fake news," media demonstrates daily that they are gutless cowards who don't want people commenting to reveal the truth on their "channel or posts," exposing the deception that they are "force-feeding," to the American people! The time to "call your congressman," "speak out," and to "Act" to defend our President and our Nation is NOW!

  • Chris Leaver

    Chris Leaver

     2 hours ago

    These people are why our government was shut down. Schummer is a piece of shit. yall have a better idea according to who cause trump says the same thing and you guys call him crazy. Fuck your senators and chairmen all the way in washington calling shots to push your agenda. Oh but hes republican..oh fuck off. A wall if done correctly (currently trump has a military design team of engineers for this project) is a good idea. Its cause trump said it they need to get fancy with words like a fuckin smart wall STFU. lets assume the engineers have a clue on how to do it not some rich prick and his prude uptight know it all senators. Its you who are getting paid during the shutdown so stop bitching Trump at least forfeits his paycheck to charity. Stop using other peoples non paychcecks and returns as a bargaining chip

  • Driver


     2 hours ago

    Illegal immigrant caravan arrives at Nancy Pelosi's estate, sets up tent city:

  • Timothy Monhollen

    Timothy Monhollen

     3 hours ago

    Has anyone considered that maybe these caravans are coming by the thousands because they heard about the wall and want to cross over before it gets built? Proof that the wall will stop illegals but more importantly, deter them from even making the long trip and wasting their time and risking their life.

  • Noel Blake

    Noel Blake

     9 hours ago

    Nancy looks like she needs some dick

  • Maria Taylor

    Maria Taylor

     9 hours ago

    Shoe mer is a fine, upstanding, erect, shit log that needs beat and dumped in a field! Lol!

  • Maria Taylor

    Maria Taylor

     10 hours ago

    Not getting a ck? Thats a great time to get on unemployment!

  • John Parks

    John Parks

     10 hours ago

    I love how they tried so hard to make it seem like trump is entirely to blame for the shut down, how he's using gov't workers as "hostages" to get what he wants, yet this is *exactly* the strategy they are using too...

  • Cophey Willis

    Cophey Willis

     10 hours ago

    Fuck Donald Trump

  • Christos Anatolitis

    Christos Anatolitis

     10 hours ago +1

    Liars pieces of shit! Pelosi and Schumer you are a disgrace!!!

  • 300tank


     12 hours ago

    Democratic leaders are such a shame and will only hurt the middle class and poor which nobody will win. They want to play hardball with border security because?
    They send billions overseas with nothing in return yearly 12 billion in this budget just waste money but to secure out border not a dollar and you people are for this. Trump will win this and win 2020 easily only because of these leaders act like children that can’t have it there way not even negotiate is a bad sign I hope they loose power little at a time they are a waste of taxpayer money

  • Cameron Mims

    Cameron Mims

     14 hours ago


  • Hate You

    Hate You

     14 hours ago

    She will die very soon and I'll party so fucking hard. Shes old and I have time

  • Dirty Dan

    Dirty Dan

     15 hours ago

    SUMMARY: we refuse to listen to the people and pass legislation that was voted for, can you believe how much of a jerk he is? LMAO, SHUT UP and sign the paper you flip flopping garbage.

  • Tim Smith

    Tim Smith

     16 hours ago

    I was for Trump all the way but now after seeing how he acted and the hurtful things he said if he don't get his wall. I mean I thought he said he was for American's if so why hurt your people with not paying them just to get what you want. I'm really disappointed in you President TRUMP I thought you were better than that!