SPECTACULAR Japanese Style Magic Trick BLEW AWAY Penn & Teller!

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 19, 2018
  • Taijyu Fujiyama tries to fool Penn & Teller with this amazing Japanese style magic trick. Can he do it? I hope you enjoyed this great performance. Subscribe for more Penn and Teller fool us videos and card/magic trick performance and tutorial videos.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/RntOesioGxQ


  • Suhail Shaikh Zada

    Suhail Shaikh Zada

     8 minutes ago


  • Maxwell Revis

    Maxwell Revis

     an hour ago

    Bruh 6:13 make sure you have closed captioning on and tell me what it said

  • mah shallow

    mah shallow

     an hour ago


  • kb be

    kb be

     an hour ago


  • Slap Pop

    Slap Pop

     2 hours ago

    Are those man boobs or masks under his kimono?

  • PrimordialGods


     3 hours ago

    and we call that real .. voodoo stuff .. thats not a trick thats real .. .. sprits help them ..

  • Joshua Tugano

    Joshua Tugano

     3 hours ago

    This is retarded, this was literally the video I was watching before. I had to double check the title, and comment section to make sure it wasn't user error.

  • Marcello Fantini

    Marcello Fantini

     4 hours ago

    alyson hannigan is my wet desire since 1999

  • William Hou

    William Hou

     4 hours ago

    He learned that from China.

  • Christopher Lin

    Christopher Lin

     4 hours ago

    Translater: *thinks* Oh shit what do i say.

  • Sirzechs Gr

    Sirzechs Gr

     4 hours ago +1

    That's the gayest magic show I've ever seen

  • Guinea KenzFan

    Guinea KenzFan

     5 hours ago


  • round about midnight

    round about midnight

     7 hours ago

    The quick-change mask technique is a Chinese art form called Bian lian that came from Chinese Sichuan Opera. No disrespect to the Japanese performer, who did very well. There are videos of more impressive masters of this technique on yt.

  • Robin Smith

    Robin Smith

     10 hours ago

    A man is truly no one

  • Mike S

    Mike S

     11 hours ago

    fake and gay

  • LeShawn Gatson

    LeShawn Gatson

     13 hours ago

    That's cool how u can be in a American show being from out the country u never see that stuff rarely in Japan and China

  • Wayne Thomson

    Wayne Thomson

     15 hours ago

    Wouldn't it just be better if the whole world spoke the same language, there would be no need for languages in schools, everyone would understand one another and Google Translate wouldn't be needed lol.

  • Evernewb


     15 hours ago

    as someone who has studied absolutely zero magic I can tell how a bit under half of that was done from watching. that said, just because I'm pretty sure I know what happened doesn't mean I saw it happen: the physical skill level was very high and he did an absolutely *wonderful* job of directing the attention of the viewer and keeping an event flow through the performance as a whole.

  • Eric Swansboro

    Eric Swansboro

     16 hours ago

    How does he do the mask change so quickly? I watched tons of episodes of magic and videos of magic and I've always seen that but really don't know how it's done

  • Frankenstein Bob

    Frankenstein Bob

     17 hours ago

    This was amazing, the best slight of hand i have ever seen.