Rob Parker doubts Carmelo's impact will make Houston a threat in the West | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 27, 2018
  • Rob Parker joins Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless to talk NBA. Rob Parker discusses Carmelo Anthony and where the Houston Rockets rank among the best of the Western Conference.

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    Rob Parker doubts Carmelo's impact will make Houston a threat in the West | NBA | UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

     a years ago +39

    How many games will the Rockets win next season?

  • Travis Overstreet

    Travis Overstreet

     2 months ago

    Carmelo is Trash and a waste of money!

  • 810 land

    810 land

     a years ago

    Melo washed jus face it

  • briant72763


     a years ago

    stop comparing Houston to okc, okc has two score first guys, Chris Paul is pass first and James Harden gives u 8-9 assists a night.



     a years ago

    Carmelo didn't work at Oklahoma last season because he's simply not playing at that high level anymore. Houston made a huge mistake by signing him in, and will pay dearly for it later in the season and during the play-offs... (the guy is lazy, no real contribution on the
    defensive side; while Harden is in denial, protecting him, saying he's great, bla bla bla... ).

  • Spencer Kolb

    Spencer Kolb

     a years ago

    Melon turning into kwame Brown

  • Adam Austin

    Adam Austin

     a years ago

    Stop sleeping on Melo

  • TheCode


     a years ago

    Too many cooks can spoil the ham hocks🤣

    White peoples are confused 🤷🏽‍♂️ 🤷‍♀️

  • MegaMadDog88


     a years ago

    Lady: “We are lucky to have Rob Parker with us.”
    Skip: “What?!”
    Shannon: “No, we’re not lucky.”
    Skip: “Yeah, nnnnoooo....”
    Shannon: “We are not lucky.”

  • tessa


     a years ago

    Rob Parker needs to be banned

  • Anthony Stroman

    Anthony Stroman

     a years ago

    The first time ever in a long time I'm agreeing with Mr parker

  • Sum Lum

    Sum Lum

     a years ago

    This is the same thing everyone said about CP3 last year. Get ready to swallow your words

  • Jose


     a years ago

    The reality is nobody will defeat the Warriors. They got Melo which is not on his prime no more and they lost Ariza a huge defender. By the Way!!! What Capella would do when Demarcus Cousins is shooting 3s and in the post?. NO CHANCE FOR HOUSTON AT ALL!!! Even The Lakers are a better team than the Rockets at this moment. C. Paul is always injured did you guys forgot that?.

  • Black Momba

    Black Momba

     a years ago!?PlayerID=2772&VsPlayerID=2546

  • Rubben Delgado

    Rubben Delgado

     a years ago +1

    We're lucky to hear from Rob Parker, said no one ever.

  • Colonel Cosby

    Colonel Cosby

     a years ago

    Melo gonna be running the second unit he just not gonna come off the bench they will Start CP3 Harden Melo Gordon and Capela then they can take melo out and then Harden and Paul work take them two out let Melo play Iso Put melo in with CP3 and ball like people are crazy if they think this isnt gonna work this is WAAAY better fit than OKC with Westbrook cus CP3 and Harden can get everyone including Melo the ball Westbrook is ball hog drive to lane its just way different Rockets gonna ball bet some dew on it lol

  • Muse Russell23

    Muse Russell23

     a years ago

    Houston just got waaaaay worse

  • Evan Farrow

    Evan Farrow

     a years ago

    Rob Parker is a joke

  • fe meryl gabriel

    fe meryl gabriel

     a years ago

    At this point it's not Melo's fault anymore - it's the higher management's fault for believing getting him is still worth the risk

    It should be a no brainer given his track record - he's a stats first guy with winning a distant second as the priority

  • Big Mohammed

    Big Mohammed

     a years ago

    Rob Keeps it real and yeah haters dont like it