[8.2] QAnon Update - WE ARE NOW MAINSTREAM!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • https://qanon.pub/
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Rt85IKjQ9hs


  • Destroying the Illusion

    Destroying the Illusion

     a years ago +250

    Did I even mention that Eric Trump liked a tweet on Twitter last night that said "Where We Go One, We Go All"???


  • chunks Infante

    chunks Infante

     21 days ago


  • Willow Nighthawk

    Willow Nighthawk

     2 months ago


  • MissPooz


     2 months ago

    New to Q... what is HChan and 4Chan?

  • Big Bear Merriott

    Big Bear Merriott

     3 months ago

    Q I'm in

  • Helius Centuri

    Helius Centuri

     a years ago

    For entertainment purposes only ;-)

    Guys, you ever wonder if Qanon is really our friend? What if all this leaking of material and cloak and dagger play is just another means to take our minds off of the real big picture? We all know there are bunkers all over the US alone and there are plenty more around the world. Huge fallout underground buildings with malls in mountains with tunnels connecting them all over.

    Still here? Okay now imagine for a moment Q is dishing out misinformation for the public so we think we finally have a rebel on our side with intimate details on matters before they even happen, furthermore Q has the ear of Trump allegedly. We all saw this video I'm linking I'm assuming (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8cp1KvZKPo).

    My suspicion is this, what if this is all a plan to remove the elitist criminals in public view fooling us into believing they are going to be punished and sent to prisons for all the crimes they have committed against our people and nation. I mean, people think that Q is going to save us all, but the reality in my opinion is just the opposite. I believe that Q is part of this machine and they have run out of options, and they have. This is the major and last card in the hand to be played. If all of a sudden we saw the elite start evacuating before the proverbial shit hit the fan we would all grow very suspicious. So this is their only safe way out.

    What if these elite criminals are only being removed from society under the veil of arrests and imprisonment, but in actuality they are being added to a manifesto not a list of secret indictments waiting to be sprung for all to see and bare witness to. They take these people in the middle of the night and claim arrests were made in secrecy and discretely as to not warn off and alert these EC's. They are then transported to these bunkers that we all know exist, and under the guise of some amazing and successful revolution for the people by the people. We think they are imprisoned, but really they are safe and sound in the protection of the very people we thought were on our side. As a matter of fact the last card played is a smoke screen, yes these people have been exposed and their crimes made public for all to see. But what does that matter to the people running this world anyways, they publicly and very proudly display their plans in codes and secret messages (illuminati card etc.) that can be decoded by anyone with reasonable problem solving skills.

    But then the shit hits the fan, marshal law goes into effect, action is taken to disarm us and move those who resist to camps for torture and interrogation under the guise of detering public unrest because we are now left with gaps in all the parts of office that are detrimental to running this nation. I mean think about it, if all these people just up and get arrested, they probably all fill very important roles in this nation and if those positions suddenly became vacant with no immediate qualified candidate to do a good job this system would crumble very quickly. Stocks would crumble and people would start going nuts, because we are so rational right? Nope, society is freaking crazy, and they will consume each other like beasts regardless, they will tear at each other for resources and needs as simple as pulling money out of the bank, because you know if the market crashes and your bank is out of business tell me where do we get our money (not that it will have value anymore).

    Then society will fall and we will be manipulated and forced into bondage and we will see end times in biblical proportions all under the guise of a sole hero named Qanon?

    I don't know, but my bullshit meter is telling me this stinks and I don't trust anyone anymore after all I have seen happen in the course of my years. Younger generations will fall easier because they're dumber than a rock and naive (sorry but true) and drown in a glass of water, but you older folks should have known better than to just take a bite out of whatever cookie this Qanon hands to you.

    Look, sorry if this seems like a rant, but I just got home and I saw this vid and it sparked that vision in my head. Can we really trust Q, or is Qanon just as much our frenemy as the politicians and paid players in the game? If you want to chat some more let me know, I'm just a civilian like ya'll. I really didn't have the time to really get into this because I can't think straight when this tired after work and I'm sure this all seems a little foggy and hard to read into but I can clarify on it more another time ;-)

    We're all family no matter what colour, faith or gender we think we are. I'm no saint but I do care, even us a-holes have a heart lol. Good luck and truly GOD BLESS AND SAVE US ALL, AMEN!

  • mari brenner

    mari brenner

     a years ago

    Thank you, Jordan!! Always right there with your great videos!! God Bless You!!

  • Samantha Bonavia

    Samantha Bonavia

     a years ago

    awesome!!! very exciting times we are in...

  • yankeedoodledandy11


     a years ago

    Trump is also mainstream. Trust him not Q.

  • mike williams

    mike williams

     a years ago

    no doubt Q is real but where are we being lead.What if the greatest obstacle to world govt is the gun holders in the USA.If you can have them believe that the military is their friend then they will stand down and allow marshall law to envelop..I like the concept but i would be a fool to go for a ride without insuring the driver is not going to mug me....ask the question.

  • Hitman 888

    Hitman 888

     a years ago

    How much Q is paying you for this? Or I should say Soros .

  • bhec7715


     a years ago

    We all have bias. The key is looking for a firm foundation of facts.

  • ugsisr


     a years ago

    Glad you made this video when you did... It will serve us well as it shows just how foolish you are. It was all phony BS

  • QuestionEverything


     a years ago

    Still waiting on the so called thousands of indictments Q? Nothing but crickets out there..let me guess Muellers working with trump and in time we will see. Ummm....????? People do you actually believe this? Why

  • Bestline7


     a years ago

    My head is spinning already only 5 minutes into this, I'm sure I've lost over four IQ points just watching this. I think I need a lobotomy before I can continue Watching this.

  • CGagnon5


     a years ago

    5:10 shows just how fucking stupid these people are and how ignorant of history they are....Anyone who took 5th grade history knows that Common Sense is the book written by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 advocating independence from Great Britain.

    Fucking retards are looking into a company called Common Sense.

  • CGagnon5


     a years ago

    what a bunch of idiots. you don't want this in the mainstream. It just makes you look like idiots

  • Red Pill Dysphagia

    Red Pill Dysphagia

     a years ago

    Greetings world. We do not forgive, we do not forget. Expect us. Patriots Soapbox, Dustin Nemos. Truly, we know what you have done. We know the truth is hidden in chats and private messages.

    Soon you will understand that what you have done is not acceptable. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

  • Steven DeLaCueva

    Steven DeLaCueva

     a years ago

    "Trust me""Q is real""The media spoonfeeds you bullshit"WOW, so convincing these arguments. I was a skeptic but you're extensive evidence and well reasoned arguments really convinced me. (NOT)The sad fact is that bad political / criminal corruption happens and bad laws and ordinances are passed in broad fucking daylight from the local to the fedl level. Pay attention, dummies and stop trying to make sense of a complex world with this dumb scifi gobleygook.

  • Hernan Sanchez

    Hernan Sanchez

     a years ago

    what's with all the "pro-trump" right wingers on twitter denying Q is real and making fun of Q believers or followers?
    I'm genuinely interested on your take, I mean even if you don't believe in Q, why tell people to not talk about it, "you are a fool" "it doesn't exist", they are acting just like leftists, making fun of people that don't think exactly like them.