What Men Want - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 8, 2019
  • A follow up, or reboot, or remake, or spin off of the 2000 Mel Gibson movie, What Men Want now has a woman who can read men's minds. Here's my review of WHAT MEN WANT!
  • Source: https://youtu.be/RwG5faOkhX0


  • Dennis Dwomoh

    Dennis Dwomoh

     1 months ago

    jeremy. im very disappointed in your review. this is so biased and you dont even take time to really review the movie and the characters for what and who they are. good storyline as well. i dont know what your problem is to be honest, you make some dishonest reviews on your page and you need to take time to analyse the movies as a critic. its not all abut the views, jeremy.

  • Vinie S

    Vinie S

     2 months ago

    I liked it.

  • Hibiscus Angel

    Hibiscus Angel

     2 months ago

    Poker scene was disappointing.

  • Carmen Dooms

    Carmen Dooms

     3 months ago

    I was bored and couldn't wait for the movie to just end.

  • dredrick moore

    dredrick moore

     3 months ago

    Agreed this movie fell asleep 😴😴😴😴💤💤💤💤 on whole concept of reading minds.... Sad

  • JermContent


     3 months ago

    I left my neck in the parking lot LMFAO

  • Jordan Harrington

    Jordan Harrington

     3 months ago

    I freakin love this movie! Hilarious!

  • Izzy S

    Izzy S

     3 months ago

    The comment tracy morgan made about toast in his pocket was literally the funniest part of the entire movie there is nothing else this to Taraji p Henderson is what colossal was to Anne Hathaway

  • Mitch Vechart

    Mitch Vechart

     3 months ago

    What Men Want? That’s gotta be a short movie

  • Asian Man

    Asian Man

     4 months ago

    I could forgive both movies if they where at least good or funny.

  • Unicorn Blood

    Unicorn Blood

     4 months ago

    Its funny because you are describing the what women want movie as well so lol it works out.

  • ProNoobzGaming


     4 months ago

    What women want is my money😢

  • ProNoobzGaming


     4 months ago

    What Men really want is Pubg and Fortnite.

  • Ikes comments

    Ikes comments

     4 months ago

    Sorry the movie What Men Want had too much homosexual content. I thought this was a clean comedy but the focus turned to two homosexual men as a subplot that had no meaning in the film. It was obvious the two gay characters were placed in the movie to be politically correct. It’s really sad you cannot enjoy a movie because you are forced to view homosexual content that adds no real meaning to the plot. My family and friends are screening movies that has homo sexualcontent. The only option is not to watch the movie. I guess we will not be watching a lot of movies, please join us.

  • Rebecca R.

    Rebecca R.

     5 months ago

    the movie was amazing, i say go watch it.

  • Zero


     5 months ago

    Been 2 months since this review. I'm still regularly returning to this video for the "I left my neck in the parking lot" bit.
    Thank you, What Men Want, you've done the world a great service.

  • Sugami


     5 months ago

    I was expecting this movie to be feminist propaganda BS but actually had a good time watching it, maybe because I set the bar so low :P

  • Tyler Whiteoak

    Tyler Whiteoak

     6 months ago

    I'm seeing this movie today with my mum, her friend and her friend's daughter...Help me

  • Regentpuppies49


     6 months ago

    you review this but not isn't it romantic? EXCUSE ME

  • orlandobabe


     6 months ago

    where's the video review of second act?