How I Got In & Out of $85,000 DEBT in 7 Months!| Sarah Rae Vargas

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 25, 2019
  • If you want more financial videos or more specific topics hit that thumbs up or let me know in the comments. Obviously, I'm not a financial expert I was just a regular gal with a crap load of student loans, car loan, and miscellaneous debts.

    Here are the people I mentioned.
    Aja Dang -
    Stacey Flowers -
    Dave Ramsey -

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  • Jahaira Mariliz

    Jahaira Mariliz

     14 hours ago

    Idk who you are but I relate big time to this right now
    I have 2 kids
    Also a non traditional job
    A ton of debt
    Struggling right now
    Thank you for sharing

  • tp one

    tp one

     15 hours ago

    Had to bail after 45 seconds sorry. Too much build up.

  • Candice Lindsay

    Candice Lindsay


    Hi Sarah, hope all is well with you and your family. I see that you have a compassionate heart for people. You were looking for options to help a person/organization or family in need. I know of a family that is in legitimate desperate need. I'm not sure how to contact you privately but please reach out. Thank you

  • Areviry Rivera

    Areviry Rivera


    I agree Mr Ramsey is an A-hole for the way he talk to people 😂

  • Gilmour11


     2 days ago

    I don’t make much money. If I told you what I make you’d probably either laugh or gasp. I paid off my debt and unfortunately I’ve gone broke because I got so aggressive in attacking my debt. Are there jobs available on YouTube that don’t involve filming? I don’t want to blind viewers. I’m asking because I definitely need another line of income and I’m fed up with a 70-75 hour work week.

  • Matteo Gby

    Matteo Gby

     2 days ago

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  • Pierre


     2 days ago +1

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  • Sophia Smith

    Sophia Smith

     4 days ago

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  • Laurenne Bamdele

    Laurenne Bamdele

     4 days ago

    I appreciate you making this video and telling your story on how you managed to pay off your debt in 7 months however, I think it was a little too vague. Would you be able to make a part 2 on the specific type of work (aside from YT) you were doing in order to be able to pay 10k a month towards your student loan? Also, are there any tips you can provide for someone who does work a traditional 9-5 but still wants to do the same thing?

  • Jackeline Yepez

    Jackeline Yepez

     4 days ago

    Thanks! I really enjoyed this and it inspired me. I definitely would love to see more videos on your journey God bless

  • Büchertante


     4 days ago

    So what is your non-traditional job that pays you that much?

  • Jen Dee

    Jen Dee

     5 days ago +2

    I feel like this video is for anyone with student loans that also has a YouTube following...girl, bye.

  • Shala Long

    Shala Long

     5 days ago

    How much money do you make?.😳

  • PhatCrayonz


     6 days ago


  • A V

    A V

     6 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your journey on paying off debt! I'm going back to university next year and am already in a lot of debt. And I'm glad you stated your job is not a "traditional" job because it is important to provide context but at the same time, this was YOUR journey and it was still super helpful! Currently, I've got two side hustles, one that is making a little income and the other none so far.

    When you started working aggressively/making money on YouTube, did that require you to reach out to brands/agents via email or phone? Or was that purely from 'views' or ad clicks?

  • S B

    S B

     6 days ago

    Ok so can you explain what kind of jobs did you work in more detail?

  • Sashi Daniel

    Sashi Daniel

     7 days ago

    How u came out of debt?

  • Sashi Daniel

    Sashi Daniel

     7 days ago

    U r sooooooo gud.very useful video

  • Tina Moreland

    Tina Moreland

     7 days ago

    Ooo, I agree with you about Dave Ramsey!

  • Marvin Gaye

    Marvin Gaye

     7 days ago

    This isn’t helpful