Michael Ealy Talks New Movie 'The Intruder', Evil Roles In Film, Independent Productions + More

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 26, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/S4cfA3xH37s


  • Udokanma Ogbonna

    Udokanma Ogbonna

     28 days ago

    Michael ealy is actually a good actor and I love itt✌️

  • Eunwoo Lee

    Eunwoo Lee

     1 months ago

    remuneration expect outcome from issues wouldn’t have made must continue outnumber intuition doesn’t appear human being considered capping researchers at least once more than twice for example missing important information destructive behaviors created ourselves enduring some things part missing out destiny apart land paused

  • Nona Nona

    Nona Nona

     1 months ago

    Omg I love his eyes ❤️

  • Erling Williams

    Erling Williams

     1 months ago

    Yo, this is the brother (FINE and all) is lowkey CRAZY and will snap on you at anytime... He has that hidden crazy side, you can tell....Watch out ladies..

  • howcanyoudothistome1


     1 months ago

    He looks LOVELY in that jumper 😍

  • K Parker

    K Parker

     3 months ago

    He LOVES to play evil roles!!! On 'The Real' a while ago he was promoting a tv show in which he played a gross, kind creepy gu

  • Kristena Sessoms

    Kristena Sessoms

     3 months ago

    Absolutely loved this interview.

  • Zara Ali

    Zara Ali

     3 months ago

    So when did ctgod stop being inappropriate in interviews..

  • xoxo jk kiu

    xoxo jk kiu

     3 months ago

    Um..Michael ealy 😘😘😍

  • V G

    V G

     3 months ago

    I swear he is DL HUGHLEY’s son.

  • Nadiushka Suely

    Nadiushka Suely

     3 months ago

    This man😍

  • LaSandra Smith

    LaSandra Smith

     4 months ago

    “NOBODY SEEN THUG!!!”😭😭😭 Idiot!🤣

  • Rodney Williams

    Rodney Williams

     4 months ago

    I knew Michael really had it when I saw him in Seven Pounds with Will Smith. So many freakin layers as a character. A few scenes, but definitely did his thing.

  • Beright25


     4 months ago +1

    Okay I have to call this out I have never notice this before clip part 18:08 what up with these action figures I am the only one that notices this who moves these things lol its almost like wheres waldo you be listening and the camera will pick them up lol like what

  • Beright25


     4 months ago

    There have been so many strives in our culture for films and breaking outside of stereotypes of characters. It's nice to create a new dynamic of our culture to break into different experiences. Diversity will make our world better we need to embrace more walks of independent projects from our own communities. We need to understand we all have different dynamics for so many years movies have been one type of ethnic background. Change comes when change is needed. The breakfast club does an amazing job of having them tough conversation and asking the right questions. One of the best radio show been listening for years.

  • Kori Winters

    Kori Winters

     4 months ago +2

    "How close to the character is you?" DJ Envy, graduate of Hampton Institute

  • SoniB Xo

    SoniB Xo

     4 months ago

    I've become a fan after this interview! I thought he was just a boring pretty boy but he is actually so intelligent and humble

  • NoLongerZZZ


     4 months ago

    I'm digging the interview but i'm not going ask what I see on top of Charlamagne's book @ 7:34 over Michael Ealy' left shoulder...WTF? Has that always been there before? I know Charamagne was abused as a child. Is he using the figurines to display what happened? Not necessarily the Easter egg I needed to see. lol

  • N Brown

    N Brown

     4 months ago

    So no one is gonna no say anything about the distracting dolls behind Mike??? It looks inappropriate

  • Angela Hayes

    Angela Hayes

     4 months ago

    ok, seriously, WTF is up with the dolls in the back?