Zelda Twilight Princess - 17 - Midna is a Furry?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 11, 2019
  • Arin gifts fans with a free vurp SFX and Midna lets the fur fly!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/S5-DaIf42JU


  • jacob white

    jacob white

     5 days ago

    sorry u called midna an asshole.... disliked
    sorry just out of principle
    also u guys did the game wrong

  • Dustin Rodriguez

    Dustin Rodriguez

     1 months ago

    The sex part of being a furry is absolutely a gigantic and huge part of it. Wearing fursuits, however, is totally not. Maybe 0.05% of furries own or have worn a fursuit. Those people are generally better described as fursuiters since they're a small subset. Most furries are just people who grew up with a crush on an anthropomorphic character and they enjoy creating or consuming the art, most of which is porn-related. Because human beings are fundamentally sexual creatures, and there's no reason to get all embarrassed about that. Furries often say 'oh the sex isnt a big part of it' because they just don't want people thinking they're into bestiality (they're not) or super weird. Maybe in 1990 it was weird to be a furry. But in 2019? It borders on normalcy.

  • John Abbate

    John Abbate

     1 months ago

    Arin’s feelings about GoTs is like my feelings about the new Star Wars. I love Star Wars as a kid, I bonded with every friend I had over Star Wars. But I can’t talk about the new films because my coworkers and half the internet have the exact same opinions I don’t have and trying to have a conversation with anyone of them eventually turns into a laundry list of how I’m wrong. Goddamnit! I want to bond over Star Wars again!

  • Durkle Georgeson

    Durkle Georgeson

     1 months ago


  • i pack lunches

    i pack lunches

     1 months ago

    In all seriousness there are times that Arin makes DSP look like a pro gamer.
    Should be noted I'm not comparing their character, just that Arin can be a little stupi.

  • Happy apple

    Happy apple

     1 months ago

    Man from what I know the furry community came from a neesh pornography group sooo I mean yee

  • Axis of Weevils

    Axis of Weevils

     1 months ago

    Arin : says something
    also Arin : says something contradicting the first thing

  • Axis of Weevils

    Axis of Weevils

     1 months ago

    "In this shadowy twilight... the shadow insects are invisible "
    I've always wondered whether this meant that they might be visible in the light world .

  • Angel Dee

    Angel Dee

     1 months ago

    When are you ever wolf link without midna? If she isnt on your back, she would be hiding in your shadow in the light world.

  • Kayleigh Haines

    Kayleigh Haines

     1 months ago

    im so happy youre playing this game XD

  • null void

    null void

     1 months ago

    did ben add a fart noise at 9:20? you tell me.

  • booty_ hunter420

    booty_ hunter420

     1 months ago

    10:03 hmmmmmmmm that sounds familiar

  • Truthseeker


     2 months ago

    Fun fact, there are actually about 4 different branches of the Mormon church, out of those four there is one that still practices plural and child marriage and even mainline Mormons think they are creepy as fuck.

  • Alchemy Knight

    Alchemy Knight

     2 months ago

    I just now realized the vessel of light looks like something you could shove up your ass.

  • Felix Gutierrez

    Felix Gutierrez

     2 months ago

    The last two seasons wasn't Georges vision...he and many actors disagreed with how it ended...BUT the part with the City and the Girl that everyone hated in S8 WAS TOTALLY FINE! All my family who watched it knew it was gonna happen lol.

  • Emma Allen

    Emma Allen

     2 months ago

    With the whole Mormon thing, that particular guy isn’t even technically a Mormon anymore. You get excommunicated if you practice polygamy, it was a thing in the 1800s but not any more

  • The Kuudere Dude

    The Kuudere Dude

     2 months ago

    The reason midna is still on the shadow even when she's not riding wolf link is because she is in the shadow when link is not in twilight

  • Hichann D

    Hichann D

     2 months ago

    What episode is Arin talking about?

  • Jim Dandy

    Jim Dandy

     2 months ago

    "TV GoT's is George Martin's vision"

    Oh, Dan.
    You sweet, summer child.

  • Kevin Dodd

    Kevin Dodd

     2 months ago

    1:45 same